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    MCRD San Diego Calif.
    SDI.... SSgt.Morgan
    DI Sgt.Nole..he was replaced after he got hurt in motorcycle accident.
    DI Sgt Farley.. took his place.
    DI Sgt Nevels
    20 Jan.1968 thur 20 Mar.1968

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    Parris Island, South Carolina, Plt. 13A., Sept.11, 1959.
    GySgt.M.A.Sabourin, Sgt.C. Lucas, Cpl.E.M.Gonzales.
    Graduated Oct.23rd.1959.

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    MCRD San Diego. The only place real Marines truly come from

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    MCRD San Diego Platoon 1045.

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    Don't forget Parris Island & all the sand flea that stand at attention...LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamantAegis View Post
    MCRD San Diego Platoon 1045.
    Welcome aboard Marine hope you enjoy your stay..

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    Thanks Bill I will. Hope you're doing well!!

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    MCRD Parris island, South Carolina

    1988 Sept. 10 - 1988 Dec. 10

    2nd Battalion, F Co. Plt 2092

    SDI SSgt Charity
    DI Sgt. Henderson
    DI Sgt. Lacey

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    is there anyone that went to P.I that was in platoon 241,in 1972,if so could you get in touch with me ,my mane is pvt.donald l douglas,and thank you Marines

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    MCRD 1961 Plt 117

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    August 1967 MCRD San Diego, Plt 1052

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    Paris Island 12-08-08 to 03-06-09

    F Co. PLT 2014 2nd Bn.

    SDI-SSGT Foster
    DI-SGT Snuggs
    DI-SGT Kahler
    DI-SGT Clouatre

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    Im with Charlie Co. 6th Esb Im a reservist I hate it i wanted active but was told to go to boot camp asap by recruiter then put in a package for active i didnt know anything about there qouta's ect back then for getting numbers but its fine i adapted to it and am making the best of what I have love being a marine. Our Unit was Kilo 3/23 but hqmc said they need another combat engineer unit they picked our unit to change over because we have a navy base 20 min away and they have a lake ect and space for building IRB and MGB bridges so i went to school for Combat Engineer and just graduated Oct 26th like my new mos pretty cool to me When my contract runs out I will look for more opportunitys Such as active duty or AR and continue my carreer for as long as i can im about to order my 8000 series for SGT soon since im picking up CPl jan 1st so I can get it knocked out of the way. As far as other Marine sites its been awhile since i have been on a marine site like this i did have one but forgot it after getting busy and not getting on in awhile but if I come across any Ill be sure to let you know

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    Yes your right they all help get the job done thats why im making the best of it. And E-4 will definately help i will be the 5th or 6th NCO thats actually trained in the mos in the unit 90% of the Unit has not been trained yet so im making history by being one of the first NCO's of the Unit for the MOS which if I keep my knowledge up and stay hungry can get me to more schools and be seen better I am aiming to go to the 1371 journymans course aka the NCO course this year so I can get those skills to lead the best i can in my new mos and so I can jump start some marines and get there brains going on the new mos and teach em all I know I want my marines to know there knowledge

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    I entered boot at San diego on the 4th July, 1988, and was born again HARD on 23rd of Sept.

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