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    Boot camp

    San Diego First Battaion Platoon 162 Aug 1961 S/Sgt. E.L.Becker Sgt J.A. Sparks Jr Cpl W.T Glass

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    MCRDPI 3rd BN PLT 3009

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    Platoon 197 PI 6 Oct' 65
    Sr. DI Ssgt. Gaskill
    DI Sgt. Slaughter
    Jr. DI Cpl. Cunningham
    Went to radio school 2ND MAW New River
    Ensisted in Nanuet, NY
    Recuriter Sgt. Lawlor
    Saw him as Gunny coming out of the field on airstrip Dong Ha Aug.'67
    I was short when I got orders to RVN
    Danang to Phu Bai
    3rd Recon
    Moved up to Dong Ha made a patrol with Delta Co. 3rd Recon, later sent to relays on Rockplie and Ba Long.
    3rd Recon rotated stayed on with 3rd Force
    Back to Dong Ha in time for NVA Arty attacks
    Left for CONUS Sept.'67
    Seperated from active duty 25 Sept.'67 at Treasure Is. Navy Base S.F. Bay.
    Interested to hear from anyone who remembers me?

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    3rd Bn KiloCo. Plt 3037

    trying to catch up with devil dogs that graduated

    3rd Bn Kilo Co. Plt 3037

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    Parris Is. 6 Oct.'65 Plt. 197. There was a Ron Campbell in my boot camp plt. he was from Plainfield,NJ. Two other guys from Plainfield Guy Canfield, and
    Paul Wilson. Any relation to Ron Campbell?
    Sr. DI Ssgt. Gaskill, DI Sgt Slaughter, Jr. DI Cpl. Cunningham.

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    37 years ago today
    plt 3067 ssgt rufra
    it was a long hot 12 weeks in sunny southern california
    Semper Fi

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    Parris Island plt 197 6 Oct'65
    ITR Camp Gieger
    Radio school New River mos 2531
    Ataging Las Pulgas
    Camp Hansen
    Phu Bai 3rd Recon
    Dong Ha 3rd Recon
    3rd Recon rotated
    3rd Force
    Rockpile relay
    Ba Long relay
    Dong Ha
    Back to CONUS Sept.'67

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    MCRD Parris Island 3rd battalion mike co. Plt 3002 Oct 11 2005-Jan 6 2006

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    platoon 3035

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    birth place of the us marine

    a long ass time ago


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    MCRD San Diego, 1969, Platoon 1093, Honors Platoon. Sgt. Groom, SSgt Crumpler made me right as rain.

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    San Diego.

    Started with 3087 in Mike Company. Was in MRP for 6 weeks and ended finishing the last two weeks with 2102 in Fox Company.

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    Parris Island, S.C. Plt.13A. I joined Sept.11, 1959 graduated Oct.23rd,1959.

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    That was really tough when Stebinski "came and went"...not saying Behr did not do a stand up job but it's tough on everyone when a Senior DI leaves a platoon in the middle of Basic Training. As far as Gibb's and Eggleston,not a week passes by that I don't think about those tougher than a pine knot squared away"Marines"....Great Teachers and Human Beings! SIMPER FI
    Hope they are all healthy and well today.

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    MCRD Parris Island, SC
    A-CO 1st Batallion PLT-1122
    DI- Sgt Covington
    DI- Kicker
    SDI- SSgt Lester
    11 June 1996 thru 30 August 1996

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