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    Parris Island
    3rd Bn, I Co.
    9Dec, 1988

    SDI Ssgt Meaney
    Sgt Armstrong
    Ssgt Uvalle

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    PI SC PLT 335 ,Gen L F Chapman, CMC, Lt Col. Modjeski btn co.series gny, E Johnson, sr DI SSgt B Vandusen,DI sgt Johnson, Sgt.McIntosh, 12 April 71,14 June 71

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    Ooops i forgot...

    December 28 1998
    mcrd parris island

    Platoon 2020 then 2016
    SDI SSgt Dougherty
    DI Sgt Cannon... and others i can't recall

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    1st Bt B Co. Plt 1024
    No Other Place

    Parris Island

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    2 nd Battalion,228 series,Platoon 229.May 23rd-Aug.9th 1965.Ssgt.Paquette,Sgt.Manning,Cpl.Gray.MCRD Parris Island

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    Hollywood Marines
    Standing Tall and Looking Good, Marines who graduated from San Diego

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    Plt. 218 P.I. Jan.- Mar. 1966
    SSgt Handley
    SSgt Wasliewski
    Sgt. Mills

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    Paris Island Sept 29th 1986 to December 20? 1986
    Plt 3302 H Co. 3rd Bn
    SSgt Dorsey
    Sgt Mink
    Sgt Manchester
    Sgt oops sorry forgot

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    14 Nov 68 to 22 Jan 69

    1st RTR Batallion Company A Plt. 1126

    GySgt Hogwood SDI
    SSgt Moore DI
    Sgt Duncan DI

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    MCRD Parris Island, SC 3rd Bn., Hotel Co., Plt.355 May-Aug. 1972
    Original SDI- S/Sgt Hall...twisted. Sent to take charge of CCP
    2nd SDI- S/Sgt Fogarty...tough, fair, drank Falstaff beer!
    Assist. DI- Sgt. Lewis...skinny, dk. green, sneaky, tough-as-nails, 2 tours in Nam.
    Assist. DI- Sgt. Sitree...funny, southern red-neck. Let me be "DI for a Day" two months after I graduated!

    Forever indebted to these fine men. Semper Fi

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    MCRD Parris Island, SC 2nd Bn., Dog Co. Plt. 2022 Dec. '85 - March 13, '86 (Yeah, I was one of the U Suckers Missed Christmas gang)
    SDI- S/Sgt Galbraith...had a bit of a lisp. Kind of hard to understand sometimes. The epitome of a DI
    Assist. DI- Sgt. Cristobol...We used to call him "Crystal Ball" because he shaved and shined his head. Good guy.
    Assist. DI- Sgt. Lugo...Tough, Short. Replaced one of our original assistents who was brought up on charges of throwing a recruit down the stairs. To this day, I will swear I didn't see a thing.

    I would still salute them all to this very day.

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    Delta CO. Platton 1056. Pi grad date 08/07/1998
    SDI SSGT Newton

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    MCRD Parris Island - Plt 276 - 13 July 1970 to 15 Semptember 1970
    SSgt. H. W. Oliver SDI, SSgt. J. Q. Robbins ADI and SSgt. E. A. Parrish

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    Parris Island june 1970 to aug 1970 ( Pvt Animal) Plt 369
    Gunny Hartley
    Staff Sgt pernell
    Staff Sgt Laird What a bast*rd run run run PT PT What black flag????

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