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    Plt 1082 Hollywood Marine
    Sdi...sgt Cahill

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    Mornin Marines! San Diego! Plt 3111 I Co. 3rd BN

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    MCRD Parris Island Plt 4034!

    14 Sept 1992

    SDI- SSgt Deyer

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    MCRD Parris Island Plt 117

    SDI-S/Sgt Ayers
    JDIs- Sgt. Patridge, Sgt. Smith, Sgt. Lintz
    I'll never forget those guys, I hated them at first, but loved them later; they taught me everything I needed to survive in the Corps & out.

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    parris island
    ssgt haskell
    sgt navarro
    cpl ???
    cannot remember the Plt number

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    cpl marvin maddox
    Miami,Fla. to Train Receiving barracks Yemassee, SC, then Parris Island
    Advanced Infantry training - Camp Geiger- camp lejeune 1/8 , S2 [I missed the 81 mm Morter Base plate]- operation Steel Pike, Europe- Vietnam 1965 M 2/3

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    where we all started.

    i went to m c r d in Cali 1979 plt 2035 2nd ba
    "like a shark in the ocean, and an eagle in the sky, number one are we!!! platoon 2035!!!

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    boot- mcrd / Yemassee Receivng Barracks

    BOOT: Parris Island 1963
    Camp Geiger 0311
    S2- Had to get away from the 81mm Base Plate
    Vietnam 1965-1966
    Hong Kong R &R - Before the Crowds took it over
    Okinawa- Camp Schwab: Instructor
    Montford Point 1966-67 MP

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    parris island, in 1978 b co. 2045 moutaineer plt. from june to sept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodstripe View Post
    As for myself I was created into an amphibious monster in the hells of MCRD San Diego and up, over and thru the Hellacious mountains of Camp Pen.
    wowwwwwwwwwww it's great dear thanx for this informationj
    Brock lesner
    Arizona Drug Rehab Centers and Programs-Arizona Drug Rehab Centers and Programs

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    I went through Pendelton on my way to Nam
    I drove by them for years when I lived in Los Angeles and got my Romance on in tMexico

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    San Diego
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    Parris Island class of nov 2, 2007.
    1st Rct Battallion, Bravo Co. Plt. 1094.

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    MCRD PISC 3rd Bn. H Co. Plt 3069
    Jun-Sept 86
    Senior Drill Instructor SSgt. Barnes
    Drill Instructor SSgt. Humes
    Drill Instructor Sgt. Mc Kay

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    mcrd san diego
    dec 82-mar-83
    sdi ssgt floeter
    di ssgt longoria
    di ssgt gardener
    di sgt belcher
    plt 3115 co m 3rd btn

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    Parris Island, 2nd Battalion, Plt 2094

    Nov '78 to Jan '79

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