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    the first days of my commencement in devil-doggery took place aboard the island.. thats where i was made an amphibious war-child/LCPL4LIFE =] lol..

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    Parris Island, PLT 1109
    September 25th 2006 threw Decmber 21st 2006

    SDI SSGT Harris-Smith
    DI SSGT Miller
    DI SSGT McMahan

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    mcrd-2035 2nd btn 1979

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    MCRD San Diego, 2BN, G Co, Plt 2063 Dec 31 1996-April 7, 1997

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    MCRD Parris Island, July 05-Oct05 Plt 1081, Senior DI Sgt Guffy, DI Sgt Collins

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    MCRD San Diego

    Preferred girls in bikinis over sand fleas. lol

    Semper Fi Devil Dogs, OOORah!

    "Every day's a holiday and every meal a feast because it may be your last"

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    PLT 3070, H Company
    3d RTBn MCRD Parris Island, SC
    Graduated 11 September 1986

    SDI - SSgt Sheard
    DI - Sgt McKay
    DI - Sgt Chavez
    DI - Sgt Martin

    "Ready to fight, ready to kill, ready to die but never will! War is killing, killing is fun! Platoon 3070, we get the job done!!! Ooh-RAH!!!"

    Napalm sticks to kids...

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    Marine Free Member ROD721's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Noman home of the sooners
    M.c.r.d.s.d Plt. 1085 September 1968 They Had Cut It To 8 Weeks Twice As Bad In 1/2 The Time!

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    Yat Yas

    Quote Originally Posted by arzach View Post
    Parris Island, the true hot spot for U.S.M.C. training and indoctrineation! Class of Sept. 1964 Plt 360. arzach
    Graduated '94, AA Schools BN Camp DelMar! Injured back '99 had to get out! Now graduating college with a degree in Computer Science!!

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    Plt 1082 Hollywood Marine
    Sdi...sgt Cahill

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    Mornin Marines! San Diego! Plt 3111 I Co. 3rd BN

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    MCRD Parris Island Plt 4034!

    14 Sept 1992

    SDI- SSgt Deyer

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    MCRD Parris Island Plt 117

    SDI-S/Sgt Ayers
    JDIs- Sgt. Patridge, Sgt. Smith, Sgt. Lintz
    I'll never forget those guys, I hated them at first, but loved them later; they taught me everything I needed to survive in the Corps & out.

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    parris island
    ssgt haskell
    sgt navarro
    cpl ???
    cannot remember the Plt number

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