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    The Land of Real Marines

    That would be the place maggots are trained to stand tall, Parris Island. Plt 2070 Aug-Oct 1980.

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    MCRD PI class of July 1966 - November 1966
    1st trn bn plt 1022

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    MCRD Parris Island
    Platoon 2009, Golf Comp, 2nd Batt.
    SDI SSgt. Kiminnee
    DI SSgt. Quadros
    DI Sgt. Toles

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    MCRD San Diego, 1st. TRN. BN., Delta Co., Plt. 1062

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    Angry Boot Camp

    I was in the best of all training. I was A co. 1stBn Plt 1040 @ PI the one and only place for real Marine Corps Basic Training. We were the best in the Regiment and the best in the Island. I was there in the hot months of June, July and August of 1980 and we wore boots when we ran PT.

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    MCRDPI Nov 1952 Plt 579 Ssgt Segura/ sgt Butts/ Sgt Flowers

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    1st Battalion Platoon 112 Feb 65-May65

    SDI- SSgt Johnson
    DI- SSgt Scribner
    DI- Sgt. Gonyea

    I can still hear the cadence and the yelling and everything else that makes us all Marines for life

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    Parris Island, 1956
    Platoon 377
    DIs: S/Sgt Husted, Sgts Hill, Bray, McDowell

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    PI Nov to Jan 1955 PLt 169
    kentmitchell we traded places from Middle Camp to Okinawa 1957

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    MCRD San Diego
    June - Aug 1958

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    MCRDSD.......1963 Honor Plt. 210

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    MCRD San Diego
    4/68 - 6/68
    Plt Cmdr GySgt Blue
    DI SSgt Puckett
    DI ?

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    MCRD San Diego
    4/68 - 6/68
    Plt Cmdr GySgt Blue
    DI SSgt Puckett
    DI ?

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    MCRD San Diego
    Platoon 1154 Dec 68-Mar 69

    SDI- SSgt Daniel
    DI- SSgt Campo
    DI- Sgt. Crumpler

    What an interesting way to spend New Years Eve!

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    I was in Platoon 3311, MCRD-San Diego.

    9 Nov 1967-16 Jan 1968

    SDI: SSG L. Sunn
    JDI: SSG A. Garcia
    JDI: SGT J.T. Clark

    Would like to know what happened to the DI's.

    Anyone know, drop me a message at

    Semper Fi

    John Adams
    US Army (Retired)

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