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    the lovely Parris Island my mom has been battling cancer sorry for the not responding

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    Very sorry to hear that... I hope she gets better and whips it!

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    thanx for that sgt red . i have been out since 99 i served 8 yrs. in the beloved corps simper fi i went to the lovely parris island class of 91

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    the lovely parris island sc.29905

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    Marine Free Member Shotglass's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Bedias - it's near Houston
    MCRD SD June - Sept '89
    Plt 3054

    Semper Fi

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    PLT 2083 Eco 1993 PI

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    the honorablely

    the great parris island

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisnica View Post
    "Parris Island where it all began, a small lot with alot of sand"
    USMC Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina
    Plt. 1086 1st. Bn. C co.
    July 18 - Oct. 13 2006
    SDI - Sgt. Chiang
    DI - Sgt. Donathan
    DI - Sgt. Blackburn
    DI Sgt Donathan was my 3rd had. Great DI, Great Cadence

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGT RED View Post
    I heard that Sgt Skinner was killed in Nam. I never did check the "Wall" to see if that was true; I guess I really didn't want to know. Skinner was tough, that's for sure!
    The highest ranking Marine with a last name of Skinner, on The Wall, was a LCPL ... Looks like your DI came home alive.

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    MCRD San Deigo PLT I52 SSgt Padiila 1966
    Back then we were called Hollywood Marines, BUT I did time at MCAS Beaufort,WE are all tha same guys

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    Boot Camp

    Boot Camp was MCRD 1969 Platoon 1064

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    Boot Camp was MCRD 1969 Platoon 1064
    I was in platoon , 1067 at MCRD San Diego back in April of '69 .

    Cowboy was in 1066 .

    Wishing you well , Marine !

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    PI 1954 Sgt, Flynn

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    PISC "The land that God forgot." June - Aug 76. Plt 151

    Gysgt Hillen
    SSgt Masters
    SSgt Bryant
    SSgt Wilson
    SSgt Waller (Joined the plt about 2-3 weeks prior to graduation, treated us like newbees, ****ed everyone off.

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    MCRD Parris Island 3rd batallion mike co pltn 3090 november 18 2011 oorah! Earned my eagle globe anchor on november 10 Sdi ssgt askew Di ssgt Menzies Di ssgt Caro

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