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    Parris Island...
    Oscar Co
    4th BN(obviously)


    Best thing I've ever done as well.

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    Parris Island



    As well, one of the best decisions.

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    I went to boot camp in june 1956 plt 3003 San Diego, CA my email address
    Fred Hebert

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    Sound Off, where did you do boot?

    MCRDPISC, Plt. 275 or 276 June 71 to Nov 71.
    38 Recruits and myself had a kidney condition called rabdomyalosious(sp) those of us that were able to continue basic did so. The more severe cases were sent home.

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    MCRD Parris Island
    August 17, 2009 - November 13, 2009

    Plt. 3100 3rd Battalion Kilo Company

    SDI Sgt. Bartra
    DI Sgt Alarie
    DI Sgt Judge
    DI Sgt Navarro
    DI Sgt Berry

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    MCRD Parris Island
    2nd BN, Golf CO.
    Plt 2066

    June 1 2005 - August 26 2005

    SDI: GySgt Flores
    DI: SSgt Ramos
    DI: SSgt McMath

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    San Diego MCRD july 15,1957 SDI Ssgt Kanaia, JDI sge jerry welch lost platoon book and picture , plt 279

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    I was dropped from my company in mct for 2 weeks because of a medical reason. I picked up with a new company and will graduate, but I have heard rumors that they can and will change your mos if you were held back in boot camp or mct. Is this true?

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    Sound-off where did you do your boot?

    I did my boot at majestic Parris Island, where all the real Marines go. This is where the Women Marines earn their EGA. My platoon was 13A, I was 18 years old. I arrived on Sept.11 1959, graduated on Oct 23rd 1959. My DI's were GySgt.M.A.Sabourin, Sgt.C.Lucas, Cpl E.M.Gonzales and one male Sgt.P.J.Smith. My MOS was 4011, Data Processing.

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    Real Marines!

    If you think only PI produced real Marines, you must be in your third childhood. Wake up or shut up.

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    Sound-off where did you do your boot?

    I really think you are offensive, everyone knows that the Marines who went thru MCRD San Diego are called Hollywood Marines. I was stationed on there, I saw all the Quonset Huts they had to live in. Women Marines are always sent to Parris Island. Don't even think I feel less about the Marines who went thru MCRD San Diego. The Marines are the elite of all the services. I'm proud that I was one. Semper Fi Sheila Hays

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    Talking Hollyweird Roy starched His Skivvies Wayyyyy-2-Much

    Sounds like Bad Azz Roy still a little P**Sed that a bunch of W.M'S out shot his Azz on Qual.Day (lmfao) S/F

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    MCRD PISC. 1073 D CO and 2085 G CO. Got dropped when somebody killed them self on the range.

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    Boot Camp

    MCRD San Diego
    PLT 3076
    SSgt Jefferson
    SSgt Santiago
    SSgt Suttle
    Sgt Glass
    4 July 1978-4 October 1978

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    MCRD San Diego
    PLT 3076
    SSgt Jefferson
    SSgt Santiago
    SSgt Suttle
    Sgt Glass
    4 July 1978-4 October 1978
    "You don't have to run fast. You just have to run".

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