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    MCRD San Deigo, Echo Comp. Plt. 2106, SDI: GySgt. Ginn, DI: SSgt Hall and Sgt Ledezma
    June 19, 2007 - Sept 19 2007

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    MCRD Parris Island, A Co. Plt. 1049. SDI: SSgt McCormick, DI: Sgt Seger, DI; Sgt Laubach. April 18, 1988 - July 11, 1988

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    MCRD San Diego
    Plt 3009 L Co 3rd Btn
    Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Smith
    Drill Instructor SSgt Torres
    Drill Instructor SSgt (i forgot his name)

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    MCRD San Diego
    Plt. 2021
    H Co., 2nd. RTBN

    We swept the series, every trophy was in our squadbay!

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    San Diego 12-1-42 to 1-20-43

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Merrell View Post
    San Diego 12-1-42 to 1-20-43
    Marines we are in some damn fine company right here!

    YUT! YUT!

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    San Diego MCRD.. July 16, 1957... SDI SSgt Kania JDI Sgt. J. Welch... two complete opsites. I a 95 lb weakling ... snd ITR Camp Pendelton... short of two day war was pulled and given orders to USNAD Waikele Oahu Hawaii.. spent 2 yrs there then HQ MCRD SD for guard detachment then i got out ...much to my dismay wish i had reupped.

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    MCRD Parris Island, 1st RTB, RTR, Plt 1011, Company B

    28 Sep 1970 - 5 Dec 1970 (PFC Grad)

    GySgt - Retired

    Semper Fi

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    Marine Free Member bonedaddy0313's Avatar
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    San Diego (Hollywood Marine), 1987.

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    MCRD Parris Island
    Third Battalion
    16 Sept - 1 Dec 1975
    Battalion Commander Lt Col J.R. Curnutt
    Company Commander Capt J.J. Krauer
    Series Officer Lt M.W. Blackledge
    Chief Drill Instructor GySgt F.C, Waggoner
    Series GySgt R.S. Cooper
    Senior Drill Instructor SSgt M. Kozakewich
    Assistant Drill Instructor T.D. Rich
    Assistant Drill Instructor P.C. Smith

    Yes - I still have my Platoon book. How else could I have remembered all that.

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    sounds like me Mac3043 I suffer from CRS too Thank God for small favors Semper Fi

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    Its A Marine Thing

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    November Co. 4012 Grad May 6 2005
    SDI SSgt Venable
    DI Sgt Hightower
    DI Sgt ...hmmm can't remember

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    The Fun Begins

    Quote Originally Posted by Eaglepi View Post
    Platoon 2019
    Recruit BN MCRD Parris Island SC
    Graduated 24 March 1975

    I'm looking for my graduation book so if anyone was in my platoon and has a extra copy please contact me.
    Sorry, I can't help you but I was just thinking about 24 March 1975 because I arrived at Parris Island on 2 April 1975 (Platoon 239). Behr would end up as Senior after Stebinski came and went. Plus, we had Gibb's and my good buddy Eggleston. Anyone know where Hightower might be. He just happened to be the long blond haired guy that was standing next to me on night one.

    Tom Turlington

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    "G" Co. Plt 2123
    MCRD Sandiego

    I'm the turd with the armband

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