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    MCRD PI 1970 Platoon 128

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    Paradise Island

    AUG TO NOV 1972
    PLT 288

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    Parris Island - Grad 11Jul88 Plt 1049

    Platoon 1049
    SDI SSgt. JD McCormick
    DI Sgt. Seger
    DI Sgt. Laubach
    graduated as guide.
    gave up honor man blues so Upham (who had at least 2 kids and was 10 years older than me) could start out with more pay. Proud to have done it and SDI SSgt. McCormick said I could have said no and kept the honor man roll... hell no!
    Honor and doing the right thing mean more than a set of blues and crossed rifles... which I got later anyway.

    God bless the Marine Corps!

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    Parris Island 3rd battalion Platoon 329 S/sgt Kemp Sgt Willis and Sgt Costello Thank God for that experience Semper Fi

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    Parris Island 1st. Batt. Plt. 101 Graduated 18-Feb.-1966. Sgt.T.E.Bryant,Sgt. L.F. Brown,and Sgt. J.K.Habern were my D.I.s.Very glad for the experience.Has helped all thru life. SEMPER FI

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    Parris Island 3rd Btl. Plt. 3082 Sept - Nov 1980

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    My DI's were ssgt Barnes n ssgt Allen in 1966 plt 1022 1st bn

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    The One The Only Parris Island Oohrah

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    Loved every minute of it. Couldn't wait to get to Pendelton.

    Semper Fi!!

    Couldn't wait to Kill the Gooks...Loved It!

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    MCRD San Diego. I always heard the Mississippi River was the dividing line, but in Illinois I have friends that went East and some that went West.

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    Plt 129 Pi 1968

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    Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego California Third Battalion Platoon 3003, Series Cdi Gysgt. W.w. Conforme - Senior Di Sgt. R.l. Green - Di Sgt. J.a. Benavides - Di Sgt. A.s. Jackson

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    Plt 4031 N CO
    SDI SSGT White
    DI SSGT Glenn
    DI SGT Camp
    Of course Parris Island July 12, 05 to Oct. 7, 05

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    Camp Lejeune

    Parris Island Pltoon 230 1968

    PI Platoon 230 March 68-May68
    SDI S/Sgt Christovich.. DI S/SGT Policy...DI S/SGT Moore
    IRT Geiger NC
    Engineers school Court House Bay CL
    New River Air Station NC

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    i went to san diege 1974 pt 1003

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