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    MCRD San Diego

    Golf Company, 2ndRTR
    Platoon 2100
    28 Aug 75 - 21 Nov 75

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    plt 3030 Feb 69
    April 69
    gsgt Marinow
    sgt Jerred
    ?? & ??
    Hated the second ??
    but darnd if i can
    remember his name

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    MCRD San Diego
    1st Balallion
    D Company
    Platoon 1084
    August 26- Nov 19, 1982
    SSgt Vigue
    Sgt Palmer
    Sgt Martin

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    Parris Island
    Oct 1955 to Jan 1956
    What a wonderful Christmas.

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    Talking 2nd to None

    This was done before ok, I'll do ity again.

    I went to Parris Island MCRD Second Battallion Plt 235 (2nd to None) Feb 1969 escaped off PI same year. Lost Dress Blues for doing it too. Escape from Motivation Plt too...beatten for that with rifle butt. Had SDI Carter busted for that. Oh my, I was a bad boy! I refused to have them brake my spirit.

    SDI SSGT Carter and his little Cronnies.

    Sent to Plt 240 (two week setback) Second Bat (2nd to none) graduated...went on to ITR then Lajune, then Orders to the Nam all in the same year.

    SDI SSGT Freeman, jr.
    GySGT E. R. Emanuel Series Gunnery Sergeant
    MSGT H. Quiller Chief DI

    ADI were SSGT G. Perez and SSGT L. W. Socks

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    commando training centre royal marines 189 troop.

    13 out of 60 origanalls finished


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    I missed this first time around plt. 1125 mcrd san diego dec. 84-feb'85 still got my shades!!!!!

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    Way to go harry mac

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    Parris Island, 1st BN. A Co. Plt. 1096
    Sept 85-Dec 85
    SDI, Ssgt. Anderson
    DI Ssgt. Lankford
    DI Sgt. VanDam
    Semper FI!

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    Boot Camp

    Paris Island, 3rd Battalion, Plt 341, Bld 418
    May '64 - July '64/

    Sgt. C.H. Palmer......Senior D.I.

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    Guest Free Member
    Down in the swamps, Parris Island, 1983. Come to think of it, I've been to Southern California and San Diego is no where near Hollywood!

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    Parris Island......3/18/70----5/18/70----1st RTBn.....PLT 128. Honor Marine for platoon. Picked up PFC and Dress Blues on Graduation day.

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    Parris Island South Carolina October 1973 - December 1973..What a Christmas we had.

    3rd Recruit Training Battalion, "I" Company Platoon 395

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    The Island!

    Platoon 1017, Aug 68, we won the Commanding General's Trophy. SSgt. Osborne, senior DI, big, mean, and fair.

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