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    MCRD Parris Island, SC June-Sept 1983, 1st Battalion, Platoon 1070

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    Parris Island PLT.1103 Aug 1977

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    Probably already posted but:

    MCRD San Diego
    Plt 1126
    Nov 11, 1968-Jan 69

    GySgt Hogwood
    SSgt Ross
    Sgt Duncan

    God Bless 'em and maybe me too since I did get through it at 17 years old...

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    There are new Social Groups that I created on the forum.

    2 of them are for Parris Island Marines and San Diego Marines.

    Go to the bottom of the home page, click on social groups and join the ones you like.

    These 2 are Moderated groups but it only takes me about 15 minutes to approve you once request to the group.

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    I went into Marine Corps at 17 and 2 months.I went to Parris Island July 10 1970,platoon 380,I went using the buddy system and my buddy never made it,I was in for 3 years,I went Camp Geiger right after Boot Camp and was trained as a 0351 .
    My Boot Camp drill instructors were Gunnery Hitell and Gunnery Wood,when I went in I had no idea what is was,I got a real wake up call.
    To Everyone Semper Fi .
    I am very proud that I was a Marine,and I will be the first one to say I was not the best Marine,but I made it.

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    june-oct '73
    parris island
    3rd battalion
    india co
    platoon 355
    dis: kidd, jonikens, smith
    platoon 357
    dis: faulkner

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    Parris Island 21July87 - 14Oct87
    Plt 3078 H Co
    SDI - Sgt Chavez
    DI - Sgt Phillips
    DI - Sgt Word

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    Boot Camp

    MCRD San Deigo, 10 days after my 18th birthday September 11,1984 to November 28,1984, 3rd Bn. Cant remember the company Plt 3095, Senir Dill Instructor SsgtFeids, Drill Instructor Ssgt Woods, and Dill Instructor Sgt Bivini

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    Shark tooth leather neck devil dog!!

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    MCRD San Diego PLT 1125 Nov. 19,1970

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    where did you go to boot camp ?

    Parris Island , South Carolina , Nov. 1961 ..

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    MCRD San Diego Platoon 3125 February 1972 Grad. Then to NAS Memphis for Avionics "A" school.

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    May 19 1954 PI plt263 2ed bn DI Sgt Flynn.

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