Need help! Got disqualified by a recruiter for a reason I think is insignificant..
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    Unhappy Need help! Got disqualified by a recruiter for a reason I think is insignificant..

    So I called a local recruiter today and had a great conversation for the first 15 mins. Then he got on the topic of drug use. I admitted to heavy marijuana use but when he asked if I had tried anything else I said I had tried ecstasy twice when I was 18 (I am 20 now). He basically said that disqualifies me and that was the end of the conversation. I am COMPLETELY and 100% adamant about joining the Corps. I have no convictions, I got an amazing score on my ASVAB (I got the chance to take it in high school), I have been training and researching because I know that I have what it takes, and my **** runs 100% clean. I come from a Marine background from both sides of my family and this really is my "dream job".
    So my question basically is, where do I go from here?? I want to go and talk to a different recruiter but I don't know if this information is kept in a database, if I should stick to my story, etc. Any help would be appreciated because my life basically flipped upside down when he told me I was no longer eligible. Also, I have a speeding ticket and a red light camera ticket that has been cleared, but a few parking tickets and a red light camera ticket that I ignored and my license is going to be suspended next month because of this (he seemed overly interested in my driving record for some reason). Other than those things everything else cleared out.

    I have seen posts on hear and talked to people who have admitted to much worse things than this, i.e. coke use, criminal records, etc. Why would he dq me for this and is there any way to turn this around?!

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    The thing is right now recruiters have the luxury of being very picky/selective as to who they let enlist. The Corps is downsizing and people want to join now more than ever.

    If you are potential recruit A and there is potential recruit B...but B has a clean record, no drugs, not waivers necessary, etc...who do you think he is going to take?

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    While you may think being DQ'd for a reason that is insignificant.......of all the branches of service, the Marines has the strictest standard in regards to drugs.

    Criminal History Waivers

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