Attention on Deck !!!!!!
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    Exclamation Attention on Deck !!!!!!

    Attention on Facebook there's a new scam going on and it involves your information and security..
    I got this email yesterday evening saying that i have violated some kind of policy and need to follow this link and re due my security log in info or my account would be shut down.. Fortunately I have Norton 360 and it blocked it say it was a fraudulent sight and would let me go there to check it out...
    If you receive a email or anything with a link saying you have violated there website disregard it...

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    Thanks for the "Heads Up" Bill.

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    Thanks for the warning

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    Thank you william appreciate it

    semper fi and godbless

    stephen doc hansen hm3 fmf

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    You don't USE Facebook
    Facebook Uses You

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    Best thing to do is stay out of face book.

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