Need help picking up PFC
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    Need help picking up PFC

    Hey all, I have been trying my hardest to bring in two people to get them to join so I get my two referals and PFC. Everyone I have brought in so far has either not passed the ASVAB or been disqualified for something stupid. I really need help. I am trying and trying to get it. Its too late for me to get the college credits and Im not an eagle scout. Is there anything I can do? I heard someone the first to enlist from the graduating class gets PFC. Someone please help.

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    Not true.
    Looks like your going to have to get Honor Grad out of Boot.

    Best of luck.

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    Try picking up a Billet during boot camp, whether it be Guide, Squad Leader, or Lay-reader.

    With my platoon, the Senior Drill Instructor could meritoriously promote five, & recruits with those billets took priority.

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    To be honest I wouldn't even worry about being PFC out of boot camp, in the grand scheme of your potential Marine career it does not matter. You'll end up a LCpl for awhile once you hit the fleet/check in to your unit. That is where you need to stand out in order to pick up Cpl.

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    Contract PFC puts you 6 months ahead of the game. I'm rolling into year 8... I DGAF about 6 months.

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