More Clearly Defined MCL Membership Requirements
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    More Clearly Defined MCL Membership Requirements

    I was reading the wording on the membership applications in the new SEMPER FI before I cut them out and noticed a change. Instead of only the ninety day requirement and honorable service, the phrase "and earned the Eagle, Globe and Anchor" has been added as a qualification for regular membership. In a department where full memberships have been granted to individuals of senior rank who have never completed any form of Marine Corps qualification, this clarification has been most welcome. Perhaps now a serious rift within our ranks between those who never earned their EGA's and those who have will begin to heal. Locally, we've lost the participation of many of the latter classification out of simple disgust. Thanks national! I hope we can get these Marines back into the fold.

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    In my opinion, it's best for all that MCL regs are obeyed. Someone uninitiated could not have any appreciation for the beliefs and values of those of us who truly love the Marine Corps and regardless of achievements in other services or subsequent careers, always will. I've observed firsthand that these people do not even speak our language and only associate with us for the prospect of personal gain. When these characters attempt to defame our Marine combat vets because they object to their deceptive behaviors, their presence in any capacity becomes intolerable. That there are actual Marines who pander to these posers is at least for me, beyond belief. As long as there are Marines, we will preserve the integrity of our service.

    Semper Fi!

    MODD, MCL Life and Past SVC Det. 1137

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    The latest word from my favorite detachment is that their auxiliary has now lost its charter. Three years ago, this organization had been an area leader in providing personal supplies for deployed Marines and was a source of local pride. But, due to some personnel issues involving high officers who would not even be eligible for regular MCL membership under current regs, nearly the entire auxiliary walked out. Sadly, this is currently the home detachment to both the MCL Dept. Commandant and the head of the state auxiliary. This area is too vital not to have a positive MCL presence, so better times are ahead!

    Semper Fi!

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    Wow....sorry to hear that.

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    Thanks Lisa. It'll turn out for the best because we have some fine Marines in the area and forming a new detachment complete with auxiliary will be a positive solution. A key feature of our by-laws will that elected officers will be nominated and voted into office by the general membership. The new league requirements are a godsend and can't help but restore some some badly needed integrity. I'll keep you posted!

    God bless and Semper Fi!

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    Good luck with everything!

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    Thanks for the good wishes!

    The situation at that detachment came to a head when a member and his wife (non-CCW's) came to a meeting with concealed handguns with the expressed intention of "taking out" a detachment officer because he was "too quiet." Since these were drinking buddies of the commandant, no action was taken and the exodus began at that point. There has to be a better way.

    Semper Fi!

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    WOW! Drinking buddies or no drinking buddies......charges should've been filed for them to be permanently banned from the MCL with your Dept JA.....and charges should've been filed against your Detachment Commandant for failure of doing his job as an "elected officer." I guess your Detachment Commandant doesn't know the by-laws....Section 900.
    I would never elect or appoint this guy to another position in the Detachment ever again!

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    The incident was reported at all levels and no action was taken. In fact, a very senior department league official was present at the meeting where the concealed sidearms were displayed. According to the sheriff, the would-be victim had the option of filing serious criminal and civil charges against those involved but this wasn't done because it would have cast further discredit upon the league. Sadly, both the SVC and his successor resigned in disgust and left that detachment. Those involved continue to hold office in that detachment but ironically, both have given conflicting statements as to their qualifying service and would probably not even qualify for regular MCL membership under the new league guidelines. Any other veterans organization of which I am a member would have banned these characters for life. The carrying of firearms in any establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold is a serious violation of state law.

    I would like to see a strong and productive MCL presence in this area and I believe that we have the numbers to achieve that goal.

    Semper Fi!

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    I'm not no expert on the MCL By-Laws, but I do know that this isn't right......somebody wasn't/isn't doing their job.
    Also, sent you a PM.

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