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    My Bumed

    Im having a bumed submitted. This is what the psychologist said, the MMPI-2 is also viewed as having marginal validity as a result of a defensive pattern of responding. Even when corrected, the profile has a relatively high elevation on the Pd scale (T=64) This elevation is often seen in persons who are impulsive, prone to violate rules, and have clashes with authority. While an antisocial personality disorder cannot be diagnosed from this profile alone it raises sufficient questions so that additional exploration of his legal history would be warranted. At this time, the reccomendation would be that a full review be made of his criminal and legal history. Similarly, it would be important to access his scool records, driving records, and work records to verify some of his self reported information. Without that independent validation and because of his more defensive pattern of responding, a favorable recommendation would not be warranted at this time. With that being so I have all my records, I defeated a case on a 3rd degree assault last year I was proven not guilty by a jury and my background check came back clear but because of that case red flags came up but I'm now going to my own psychologist this monday to get re-evaluated and then get hers submitted to bumed also. What are my chances of getting disqualified? Thanks to anyone who responds!

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