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    I'm sure like me most people join the Marines with the thought of doing something big and important. The most important thing, in my opinion, would be infantry. Seeing as though females aren't allowed in the infantry, or it's hard to get in, I was looking for other MOS's that would get me moving around the world. I don't want to be stationed in America, I want to be out doing something. I want to be deployed! My three jobs I had picked out were 1.Comms, Aviation, and MP. My recruiter told me that I wouldn't take anything out of being an MP and that I had an idea that was much different then it really is.

    I know there's many job fields within each MOS, but I was wondering, what is the general aspect of each of these MOS's, mainly Communications. Is it generally a well like MOS for people who have taken it, or do you recommend another MOS?

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    Thread closed until you have a complete rules, which can be found in the poolee and Ask A Marine forums. When profile is complete, PM any Squad Leader from the Squad Leaders sticky in the Ask A Marine forum and thread will be re-opened.

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