Let me start by thanking all of you for your advice ahead of time. I'm very excited to start my path with Marine Corps, and I am highly motivated to be the best recruit and then Marine that I can be.

I currently weigh about 200-205lbs at about 6'2". I'm in good shape, there's always room for improvement but as it currently stands, I'm a pretty strong guy. I'm active in Martial Arts, primarily Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I usually cut weight to around 185-190 to compete, so that by no means would be an issue. My main question that I'd like to ask, is what is you Marines' advice as far as how heavy or light I should aim to be for bootcamp? I lift consistently, and I know how to bulk. So I could definitely get bigger and stronger, likely a solid 210-215 by then (My ship date is April). However, would it be in my best interest to go in a little leaner? You don't have to give me exact weights or anything, just a general consensus on lighter/leaner or should I aim to be as big and strong as possible.

Not a huge deal. Just curious. Again thanks for any advice.

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