The Drifter is in the hospital
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    The Drifter is in the hospital

    For the past four days Our Roger, “The Drifter,” Roger Alfano, top moderator for has been in the hospital.

    This site is his heart and his outlet, so he has had his wife Ellie, posting for him.

    His is a bit stubborn, and it was Ellie that made him go to the hospital.

    He is doing good for now, but had a cyst...that ruptured and he lost a lot of blood.
    Then, the VA found a few other things wrong with him.....He had been going to them for the last few months.

    He still has a mass on his right kidney....Not sure yet about surgery ....More test are due

    From Ellie;

    They gave him a bone scan....That came back negitive.(Good)...He still has to go through the kidney scan....and some other tests which he can't remember....LOL...They got his blood stablized.....he lost 2 pints.....They told him...a few more days he would have died.....He might be a the ass....but I still love him....LOL...There is talk that they might have to remove his kidney.....They believe the mass is canceres(SP)....He was lucky that he was going to the see the head dr.....Hell he even said that he has problems....Hell I could have told them that....LOL....
    Thanks for the Prayers....he needs lots of them now.....

    This message from ellie yesterday morning…

    Roger is still in good spirits....but he is hollowering he isn't getting enough food......LOL....

    He is going through a test now...checking the chest...and another one this afternoon.....We are waiting for word when they are going to do the surgery(Looks like Monday)....but there is talk that he might be able to come home...for a few days....with me taking care of him....his kidney is bleeding still....
    Will let you know more later....

    I did PM Colleen this tell her.....
    I do think Roger would like all the Prayers....
    He might not go to church like we use to......but we are still believers
    surgery is next week to take out his kidney....


    Roger, is an outstanding Marine, that cares a lot about this site. Your prayers and good wishes, I know he would appreciate.


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    Roger and Ellie, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    Boston, Massachusetts

    Smile thedrifter

    Get Well, Marine...Get Well Semper Fi

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    My thoughts and prayers; no Marine is ever alone...

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    Phantom Blooper
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    My thoughts and prayers are with Roger,Ellie and the children. Roger has alway's been here for me when asked of. Godspeed,Fair winds and Following seas! Semper-Fi! Brother! Chuck Hall

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    Feel free to also send him your personal PM messages

    I am sure Ellie will make copies of those and get them to him.

    Nothing lifts a man's spirit more then knowing there are those that care for him



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    You do not have Corps permission to be in the hospital. We need you well and back on the line as soon as possible Marine! So you will get well !!

    We're all pulling for you to get back soon.

    Semper Fi Marine !


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    im so sorry...ya have my prayers and best wishes
    hang in there Marine & Ellie

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    Drifter, remember your post about not getting on my bad side?

    Well, you better get well really soon or you will be - not to mention that someone has to keep Sparrowhawk in line.

    You are in my prayers - always.

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    I wish you the best of luck Drifter.

    Semper Fi

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    Get well soon your in our prayers.

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    Roger and Ellie my thoughts and prayers are with you. May God look down upon you and protect you in your time of need. Drifter hope to see back on duty soon.

    You're not going to turn into a Sick Bay Commando on us are yah?

    Semper Fi

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    Behave your self, Roger
    You don't want to **** off Ellie or she may remove your kidney herself.... thru your nose!

    I pray you will be in good health soon and be back to keep your brothers and sisters going here on the site.

    Semper Fi!

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    Roger i wish you the best get well soon

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    Thank You for your Prayers.....

    I just read....your Roger....and the emails that I have been receiving.......All Your Well Wishes....are Well Apreciated...
    You just perked Roger up..Thank You....He is a fighter....and has proven that to me more than once.....

    Roger did have a relapse early evening yesterday....which they had to give him another 2 pints of blood....and had to stablize his heart and blood pressure.....He is doing good again...and just got through another test....Another one is schedule this afternoon....and at this time they are saying they will have the kidney surgery on Monday....
    I will try to keep you posted.....
    If anyone would like to talk to him I do have a number for him...Just PM me.....

    Marine Mom.....We can't change Cook....That's why we love him....

    JoBeth....Roger laughed...but he knows you know me.....LOL

    Thank You All Again....

    From the bottom of My Heart

    Ellie and His Four Brats.....

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