Chances of becoming a Marine (prior service army)
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    Chances of becoming a Marine (prior service army)

    Good evening Marines,I understand that with the drawdown it is become more difficult to find a slot in the corps especially as prior service. I am currently enlisted in the army with 1 year and 4 months left on my ets. My mos in the army is 68w medic, I have had one tour in Afghanistan, my pt score is above the maximum for the army of test, and I have 28 hours of college courses completed at this time. I was wondering how good of a chance I stand in trying to find a recruiter who will find me a slot to either transfer to the active Marine Corps now while I'm still in service or to re enlist with the Corps after my ets with the army is complete. I greatly appreciate all help in advance, thank you.

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    My .02 cents, with your MOS in the Army I would think you stand one heck of a chance to join the Navy as a corpsman ??
    And would more then likely be assigned a USMC Co. or at least a Base Hospital ?
    Perhaps one of our Corpsman can fill you in better ?

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    What of I just wanted to go straight into infantry?

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    If you're really in Akron why don't you just give the local USMC recruiting office a call and get the answer directly from them?

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    U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Center. 46 S Summit St, Akron, Ohio, 44308 Telephone: 330-253-8233

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