MEPs Question (Waiver)
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    MEPs Question (Waiver)

    I am going to do my physical at MEPS Dallas in the next couple of Weeks, I am wondering if there is anything I need to prepare for? Will I do my IST there? Also I have a Possession of Paraphernalia charge back in 2008 (Less than a gram of marijuana) my Recruiter says "We can work with that" So I assume that is a good sign, Will I be required to get a waiver approved and what is the waiver process like? Just in case if anyone is wondering what job I want I am considering it would be Infantry and Artillery or pretty much anything Combat Related.. (I tried using the search button but it would never do anything sorry if this type of question has been asked before)

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    No one here knows if your waiver will be approved or not, or how long it will take. Just be honest and tell your recruiter everything.....DO NOT lie.

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