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    Question Camp Garcia

    Camp Garcia was named after Marine Corps Private 1st Class Fernando Garcia, a Puerto Rican Medal of Honor recipient during the Korean War. It is located on the island of Vieques (part of the Puerto Rico Commonwealth). Sadly this base was closed in 2003.

    I was stationed there for about 6 months in 1976 as part of a joint USMC-Navy exercise. I was in 8th Engineer Support Battalion, Bridge Company attached to the Marine Amphibious Group out of Camp Lejeune, NC. We were also there with British Royal Marines and Dutch Marines. It was awesome duty and hard work! But we had plenty of time to take in some the the most pristine and beautiful beaches I have ever seen anywhere. I also remember too that from the base, you got the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The downside was the heat and the Cowboys (locals on horseback) raiding our messhall late at night and stealing our laundry off the clothesline!

    Anyone else here ever been there?

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    I Was stationed a camp Garcia for six months in 1969. As a matter of fact I was walking guard duty in front of the PX building the night Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon. I listened to it on my portable radio. Another time I was on Guard Duty at the Fuel dump east of the camp. I climbed to the top of the huge fuel storage tank and could see for miles. I could pick up WOWO AM Radio Station in Indiana, my home state. I was later one of two Marines stationed at the western end of the Island in charge of the Fresh Water Point. Great duty, enjoyed seeing the BLT's come in, and always had a good time snorkeling off the beach south of the airfield. Think it was Red Beach. Got Drunk in Isabel a few times as well. Oh to be young again.

    The picture of the C-130 Hercules at Cherry Point getting ready to take us to Vieques 5/69 8th engineer Bn TAD Camp Garcia. The F4 Phantoms are at Gitmo Cuba 11/69.

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