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    overseas ribbon

    I seen on a forum about the Navy USMC overseas ribbon , just wondering if my service qualifice me. Serve in Iwakuni Japan october 1974 to november 1975 2nd MAW radio operator.
    I think I sent this post out once , but pushed wrong button , so I hope you don't think I'm repeating myself.

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    It's been a several decades since my time but if you did rate it should be on your DD214?

    FYI...your profile could stand some more info per protocol here.

    Carry on...

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    It's not on my dd214 , the ribbon wasn't estblished until 1987 , but from what I think I read was it may be retroactive . That kinda what I was wondering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine1955 View Post
    My D.D.-214 doesn't say one thing about me being over seas but my S.R.B. does.
    Well sh!tfire....shows you how much I know.
    I didn't think about the retro-activeness of the ribbon either.
    Guess I didn't have enough coffee to think clearly.

    I was going to post the same link this morning but you beat to it.
    I used that link and got my DD-214 updated info some time ago.

    Good luck OP...carry on.

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    Yes, I believe you rate it, as long as it was awarded 'retroactively'. Not all awards were.

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