Royal Marines arrested for topping a taliban insurgent
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    Royal Marines arrested for topping a taliban insurgent

    Gentlemen the gutless British Government have yet again let down the lads and lassies. Seven Royal Marines have been charged with the murder of a Taliban Barsteward in 2011. The Royal Military Police are investigating the event as I type.

    Us 'Old and Bold' former Marines are up in arms at this act of PC crap! I urge you all to adopt the avatar I have put up here when you are on facebook in order to let the British Government know just how "ALL" Marines feel about this **** trick!

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    Royal Marine, we stand with you. They are currently court marshaling 2 of our staff NCO Marines for ****ing on dead Taliban.

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    I've been following this recently and I'm waiting to read more on the subject. I have the utmost respect for the Royal Marines and wish them the best of luck.

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    The military in both countries are hamstrung by pc p-ussies who have probably never heard a shot fired in anger. Chit happens in war zones; if you are going to nit pick every decision of every troop in the area you better start embedding "political correctness" officers with the guys outside the wire. I volunteer all these azz clowns who come up with these bizarre ROEs. Might see some inprovement in the investigations at least.

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    This is a shame and a travesty.

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    I heartily agree with all of the above comments.

    On a different note may I belatedly wish your Corps a Very Happy Birthday

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    Why not an early Happy Birthday as the magic day is Nov 10th. S/F Marine

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    What are the exact details to this story?

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    This is my first post. The units I was in a number of years ago had the highest regard for our brothers "across the pond." They were an absolute inspiration.

    War is never clean. I support the Marines that are being court martialed for topping this taliban. Who would know better than the Marines in the field? I also have to say that taking a dump on the enemy sends a good message to them. Those Marines need to be acquitted and sent back to duty.

    Neither the Royal Marines or US Marines need "commissars" lurking in the field for political correctness! There is nothing PC about war.

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