Misdiagnosed with a DQ disorder?
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    Misdiagnosed with a DQ disorder?

    Hello Marines, I would like to read some of your opinions and advice in this particular situation. I have already read the waviers sticky. All that is left is to hear the take of the men and women who serve in the Corps.

    I am 19 years old and was diagnosed with Panic disorder when I was 18. My problem is the fact I've only had one attack in my entire life. So this is were I believe I never had panic disorder to begin with.

    That intial attack resulted in some social anxiety so I saw my doctor 2 months after the attack. He put me on a antidepressant for anxiety and referred me to a Psych. (25mg zoloft daily)

    I decided to go to a psych; were she told me I have Panic Disorder and put me on a sleep aid. I wasn't sleeping at all because of zoloft's side-effect. (Trazodone 50mg 1/2 as needed.)

    I was the sleep aid for less than three weeks. I was on the lowest possible dose on zoloft for less than two months then I stopped the treatment once I found out all of this would hinder an enlistment. So I waited.

    It has been more than a year and I have been on no antidepressants and have had no panic attacks, again let me tell you I have not had more than one panic attack in my life, therefore I don't fall under this category.
    Must have had unexpected and recurrent Panic Attacks along withat least oneof the following:
    1. Persistent concerns of having more Panic Attacks.
    2. Concerns about the meaning or consequences of the Panic Attacks.
    ( E.g., lose of control, feelings of going "crazy", or of having a heart attack )
    3. Significant behavioral changes related from the Panic Attacks.
    Agoraphobia must not be presence.Panic Attacks can not be due to drug abuse, general medical condition, medication, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Separation Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, or Specific Phobia.

    I was concerned with having another panic attack, but mainly for social reasons. Like having one on a date with a girl in a movie theater. I didn't want to look like a nutcase.

    I am preparing to go back to the same doctor to make the case that I don't have panic disorder. I go to school, I drink coffee, I am happy, I drink beer, I sleep well, I am fine both mentally and physically. I am hoping she makes note of the proposed misdiagnosis on my medical records so I can enlist in the Marines.

    Marines don't quit, I won't quit until MEPS tells me I am PDQ even with a misdiagnosis. I'm not sure they will honor it. I'm certain you don't know either. I know people tell me if I had one panic attack in the civillian world then military service isn't for me. But, I challange them. All I want is an oppurtunity to prove I have what it takes to be part of the few and the proud. Maybe I can be one of you.

    I haven't gone to a recruiter because I don't want to waste his busy time as I try to deal with this. I have met him in person to learn more about the Corps, but I never disclosed such information.

    I will never lie to enlist as that is already breaking one of the Marine Corps' core values, Honor. Futhermore, I will not be one of those people that 'slip through the cracks'. I want MEPS to decide weither or not to push me through, assuming the Psych makes note of the misdiagnosis.

    As for situations that I might face like combat. Will I panic? My answer, We don't know who we are untill push comes to shove.

    Thank you Marines. I look foward to your responses, good or bad. Be as blunt as you want.

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    Best bet is to 100% honest with a recruiter and work from there.

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    I agree with Kazimirk - go talk to a recruiter, you are not wasting their time -- that is what they are there for.

    Good luck

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    Concur. BUT, do the other things as well with your doc.

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