ORIGINAL US Marine Corps WWII P-41 tops
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    ORIGINAL US Marine Corps WWII P-41 tops

    This will get merged into the For Sale Section in a few days but wanted to give it it's own post prior to doing that...

    Up for sale are some ORIGINAL WWII era P-41 tops. Yes, originals.

    Now, here is the 'down' side. They were used by a WWII reenactor (before you could buy repros) and marked, by him, (in the correct manner), with his name on the reverse. This could easily be blacked out, as was commonly done, but the markings are NOT original.

    No idea if the stripes are original to the pieces or not.

    There is some minor damage on them but nothing that horrible.

    So, if you want an original to display, reenact in, or even wear, and don't want to screw up a mint example (or break the bank)....then here you go.

    Size? Unmarked but measure 18 inches across the shoulders, 19 inches across the chest at the armpits, and the sleeves are 21 & 1/2 inches long.

    Bargain priced at 30.00 each. As is, where is. Drop me a PM.

    I also have some khaki WWII-Korea era ****cutters, cover tops (Forest green officer) and some steel pots. Nothing spectacular but there it is.

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    Those stripes were added sometime after 1945 as stripes were not authorized for dungarees during WW-II.

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    No doubt, but I have to disagree, I've seen and owned original WWII tops with stripes on them. (Of Marines who only served during the war).

    With stuff like this you have to evaluate each piece individually, since not everyone followed the regs 'to the letter' at all times, esp. those overseas 'in theatre'.

    This style was worn until well into the mid 1950's. The P-44's were universally unpopular, and there are far more 'minty' sets of those out there than there are the '41's.

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    Same utes I had in 1954.

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    Had them also in 1953. Loved the Herringbone utes.

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    Amazing cloth survived for this long ----

    American workmanship at its finest

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