Marine Awarded an Army Achievement Medal
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    Marine Awarded an Army Achievement Medal

    Hello, I am 2676 still in my training command of DLIFLC (an army post and joint service command) and recently graduated my training course and was awarded the Commandant's Award as well as an Army Achievement Medal by the base Commander (Army 0-6). The recommendation for the award was written up by the army, send to my command for approval, which is was approved by the detachment Gunnery Sgt. The awarding authority is the Army like I mentioned. Now here is the issue:

    I have heard MANY different things regarding this medal. I have been told by some Marines in my CoC that I can wear it, and that I can't by others. I have been told that I should have never been allowed to recieve it, but clearly there were no issues with that since the CO was present for the award ceremony. I have also been told I need to get it converted into a NAM by many Marines, however S-1 has no idea how to do it or if thats even what to be done.

    Currently the award is not in my MOL but I plan on taking it to s-1 to try getting it put in. But as for what is the next step, I have no idea. Can I wear the award (especially with the ball coming up), should I get it converted? The wording in the manual for awards seems to be taken one way or another by different Marines.

    Any and all insight is appreciated, definitely appreciate any help backed up by an order for reference and explanation.

    Semper Fidelis

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    I would check here:
    MCO P1020.34F

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    Thank you for the response Gunnery Sgt, the confusion with this order we're having is with the wording.

    "2. Marines who receive awards from other services, or departments of the United States Government; or from foreign governments or other agencies may wear such awards on the Marine Corps uniform only as authorized herein." MCO P1020.34F

    The Army Achievement Medal is not listed anywhere on this order, specifically. So does that mean that its not authorized? On the other hand, 3 states:

    "3. Marines who served in or were attached to another branch of the U.S. military services and received a decoration, unit award, or service award of comparable criteria to one issued by the naval service may wear the award on Marine Corps uniforms, unless otherwise prohibited by these regulations."MCO P1020.34F

    I am with the Marine Corps Detachment at the Presidio of Monterey, which is an Army command. Does that mean I am attached to another branch and therefore authorized to wear the decoration?

    Thanks again for any input on this matter! Just as a reminder, I'm reaching out because my CoC has mixed inputs on this, so I'd like to see if anyone out here can figure out what would be the best way to take this up again.

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    In My View you are NOT attached to another service, You are With the Marine Corps Detachment. Even though it is an Army Command and school, personally i wouldn't wear an Army award, It would stay in my awards box, too many questions at different commands would be asked, exactly what you want to forestall by asking the questions you've asked. Good Luck Marine and keep us posted.

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    If my memory is correct (which is questionable) I remember a Marine that was attached to Tiger Brigade during the Gulf War, he was awarded the Army Acheivement medal during that time and was able to wear it!

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    I totally agree with you Rooger on the fact that wearing the medal isn't exactly what I'm hoping for. I'm really hoping there is a way to convert it to a NAM. But thanks again for the input, after this 4-day I will bring the subject up again with S-1 and see what comes out of it. Oh and Ssgt, I think there is a slight difference in one of the orders about recieving a medal in support of combat operations vs recieving it in a non combat command. But I will keep looking into it. Further insight is still welcome, Thank you!

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    I wouldn't suggest wearing it considering it is strictly an Army award. There was a situation like this with a Marine I was with in Afghanistan, he was awarded similar from an Army Colonel. He brought it to our S-1, the could not enter it in. His Plt. Cmdr. wrote him up for a NAM, when it went up to the Co. Cmdr it got knocked down to a Meritorious Mast. As a LCpl. I highly doubt you'd be put up for a NAM especially considering you are still in your school house. I was put up for a NAM for the miles I drove and amount of missions I went on in country, that also was knocked down to a Meritorious Mast.

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    During my time, I remember Marines wearing Army Commendation and Achievement ribbons as well as ribbons for prior service Good Conduct in the Army and Navy. However, times change and I'm not sure if any of these Marines ever received an Army Commendation or Achievement medal while serving in the Marine Corps.

    The guidance on this issue is quite vague and is contained in SECNAVINST 1650.1H, to wit:

    Non-combat Area Service. Naval personnel (including Marines) temporarily assigned to another Service in a non-combat area are not authorized to accept, retain, or wear another Service's award. A recommendation should be submitted to the member's parent command for a special achievement award or inclusion in an end of tour award. In exceptional cases, a waiver may be requested from SECNAV, via CNO or CMC.

    Supposedly, this award SHOULD have been reviewed by someone in the Marine Corps BEFORE you were awarded it. That was the responsibility of the command that awarded it. If you want an accurate answer, I would go to S-1 and have them call the Awards Branch at HQMC (while you are sitting there as part of the phonecon) for clarification and further guidance.

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    It won't convert, although it would make more sense if it did. You *should* be able to wear it, since if you were an interservice transfer, you'd be able to.

    FYI I have an Air Force Achievement medal I got while serving with them at Clark AB, and I wore it. No one ever said a thing other than to ask what the 'hell' it was LOL. When I explained, nothing else was mentioned.

    Matter of fact, it's on my 'ribbon rack' below my signature.

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    Thank you all for the input Marines, I will be taking the matter into S-1 today and see if we can get anywhere with it. I will post any changes.

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    You are authorized to wear any medal awarded by any branch of the U.S. military or other DoD department. In addition, you may wear any foreign awards as authorized by competent authority. I wear a mixture of medals. One from a joint service hitch, some Marine, some Army, some National Guard, and some foreign. The only stipulation to wearing them is that when I wear either the Army or Marine Uniform in a federal setting, I cannot wear my state NG awards.

    Wear it as earned it!

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    Working with another branch of service that goes through the trouble of writing you up with one of their awards is a great accomplishment! There is so much pain and politics with awards with Marines awarding their own, and God forbid a Marine attached from another unit, that I can imagine a entirely different branch of service providing that recognition must mean its justified and well-deserved.

    My buddy helped find an Army unit's MIA and for that was awarded an Army Com. I remember he said there was some confusion that he was going to get a Navy Com conversion, but he ended up with the Army Com.

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    One of My Former CO's was with 3rd Recon before I arrived in Country when the US.Army awarded them the US. Army Presidential Unit Citation.He wore it on His Chest with Pride right next too His PUC from the USMC Gung Ho Marine Mustango Strutted around like a Rooster S/F

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