Need some experienced advice on enlistment.
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    Wink Need some experienced advice on enlistment.

    The title speaks for itself, I am an eagle scout and am currently attending community college.I contacted a recruiter the end of the school year (I have thought about enlisting around 3 years prior to the meeting with my recruiter), and discussed with him major benefits and downfalls of enlisting. He told me that because of my eagle scout award, i would probably be put into a leadership position during poolee training. I approached my parents about it and they contacted my entire family for an intervention to keep me from enlisting. Kind of a guilt trip and talk of not being able to be the same family member as prior. I told my recruiter that i needed time to think about everything as giving 8 years of my life for my country is something I would love to do but something i do not take lightly. He said alright and I have not spoken to him since.

    If anyone could be so kind as to share their stories with me (good and bad) I would be most grateful! I have talked to veterans from my high school, neighbors, and read stories online. I would just love to listen to opinions that can give me a clear idea of the Marine Corps.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post. May God bless.

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    as an old fart, i want to warn you.... IN all probibility, stories we could ,
    tell would probibly un-fairly influence your decision.

    Immagine please, everybody leaves something in, and takes something out , of the MarineCorps. Just like your Scouting Experience.... Eagles are rare,,,More common
    are the tenderfeet, caught eating brownies with no milk.

    Any and ALL US Military Services are going to make a Major change in your life between the time you enter it, and the time you exit .

    Do your best, Study up on it.. Read if you will.... ,
    there's plenty of reading here on Leatherneck ,, take your time..........
    there's a pole taken on one of the main pages that shows how many ,
    Marines are willing to do it again.
    Kick around and you can probibly find it in here..IF i recall correctly. the percentage that would Re-Enlist for a second time is/was about 85%

    Marines may not always be Correct,,,

    but ,, few people wish to argue with us when our mind's made up.

    Good Luck with your choice .
    There really isn't a US Military Service that isn't worth enlisting in.

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    Your family isn't making the decision, you are. When I wanted to join I had to fight my parents every step of the way, be a man about it and if you want to join, then they'll have to deal with it. I recommend to immediately stop talking to others about joining, unless they are Marines their opinions come from second hand knowledge only.

    First, don't think that being an eagle scout counts for anything, you'll get contract PFC and that's it. Poolee training is just PT, besides that it's pretty much worthless. You're only giving 4-5 years based on your job, the rest of that time is IRR, which means you can do whatever the **** you want.

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    Smitty, your family is afraid is all. They think if you join, you will get killed. Fact is, you could. Just like you could get killed by a drunk, random violence, or any number of other ways.

    I agree complete with M14ed. Stories are just that: stories. "Hey, let me tell you the one about...blah, blah, blah." Sure, we all have had experiences, but like I told another potential poolee, you are coming from the thought process of is the Marine Corps a good fit for me, and the reality is are you a good fit for the Marine Corps.

    Your contract will be four years - usually - and then you do inactive reserve the remainder. What that basically means is you are out unless called up.

    Consider this. Go down and talk to the recruiter. See if he will come to your home and sit down for one of these family meetings. You might be surprised.

    In the end, if joining the Marine Corps is something you strongly feel led to do, you gotta man up and made the decision yourself, or you'll regret it for the rest of your life. I meet all the time men who tell me "I was gonna join the Marines once, but...(their story)..." and they conclude, "I wish I had."

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    I much appreciate the words of advice, and truly I take every bit of it to heart and mind. The more I think about it the more I feel the need to do my part. I thank all of you for the words. May god bless.

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