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    USMC Boat Cloak

    I don't post much, but thought this might be helpful to those interested in obtaining a current-regulation USMC Boat Cloak.

    I've searched high and low for these, to no avail. They are current uniform items, but do not seem to be for sale anywhere. The Marine Shop used to sell them, but they do not anymore.

    So, I've contacted the Marine Shop, Permanent Marine Corps Uniform Board and the National Museum of the Marine Corps (Uniform and Heraldry Curator) for any and all information that could help me to either A) Purchase one or B) Have one custom-made per current specs. The guidance listed in the uniform order is too broad for this, so I requested amplifying information. There is one for sale on eBay right now, but I'd rather have more information before dropping several hundred bucks on a possible movie prop.

    I will post updates as I get them, and if anyone is interested beyond that, feel free to PM me with any questions. Any way you slice it, it won't be cheap, but these are very rare. I'm relatively sure they have always been custom-made due to the low demand, but if it's possible to get one, I'll find out how and pass it on.

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    For that kinda money,,, you could load up with tons of "green and brown Cammi ShelterHalfs"...

    your choice ! BUTTONS OR SNAPS ~

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    The Marine Shop still makes them (got bum scoop from whomever I spoke with before). They are made-to-measure and I'm getting all of the specifics soon on what all that entails.

    Albeit it being an authorized item for both SNCO's and Officers, there is no order form for a SNCO version on the website (and the two are different). The officer version is listed on the "male officer evening dress" order form, though.

    Cost: MCA Members $600.00, Non-members $650.00

    I'll post one more update on how to measure and order one for us SNCO's. I'm ordering one, so if anyone would like to know how that all turns out, PM me at a later date and I'll let you know!

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    Glad to see that you located a source for these. I was pretty certain that the Marine Shop still carried them. I'm sure the quality will be top-notch.

    I spent many years on special duty assignments and to be honest, I've never seen ANYONE ever wear one. About the only place I can think of where it might be worn frequently is for those detailed to the White House or State Department.

    The boat cloak's history goes back prior to World War II. The Marine Corps Uniform Regulations of 1937 prescribed it as a required uniform item for all commissioned officers, except for commissioned warrant officers and the leader of the Marine Band. Those same regulations also gave a detailed description on its design and construction so that any self-respecting tailor of the period could make it.

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    Hey Top , I would be careful about bidding on that cloak they had it up before and it sold for $116. dollars and now they have the same cloak back up for sale. something smells fishy to me..

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    Somebody selling it, has a "RESERVE" on it/ meaning IF they/the price doesn't go over X-bid
    they withdraw the item and try selling it again later...

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    Be careful in purchasing from ebay. That being said, while I've seen them, I ONLY saw them worn once, at the Naval Academy during a full dress function.

    They are, however, in my opinion, VERY cool LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Leprechaun View Post

    They are, however, in my opinion, VERY cool LOL.
    Superman, and Batman,,,, Never leave home with out them.

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    I own one of these. It is actually very old and passed down in my family. I think it was made in the 40's.

    Right now it is with my HHG shipment. I can take pictures or anything you need in a few weeks.

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    I'd like to get a boat cloak myself and can anyone tell me how i could get a pair of chaka boots? The uniform shop at ScottAFB doesn't seem to know what i'm talking about.

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    Ebay is the best place to start with both.

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    Any update on this? If I get selected next year, this is the first thing I'm buying with my uniform allowance.

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