Lat Moving to 0352 or 0351 what are some things i can expect ?
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    Lat Moving to 0352 or 0351 what are some things i can expect ?

    Hey gents i put in my re enlistment for a lat move to 03xx my choices were 0352 , 0351 and 0331 . After my deployment is over i should hopefully have a seat in SOI . I was wondering what i would be expecting . I wanted to originally be infantry but got changed before shipping to boot so now im lat moving . I work in supply and its fine and all but its not for me i like ranges and the field etc so i want combat arms . I just picked up cpl ive been going to the armory learning everything i can about weapons , learning hand signals and formations etc . i know im get some flak for being a pog and everything but idc im gonna do everything i can to learn as much information and when i pass SOI and get to my unit im gonna be honest and ask for help and learn as much as i can . So does anyone know lat movers into the 03 field were they good to go or did they just make them selves out to be a joke ? any feed back would be appreciated .

    Cpl Hall

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    Back when I was in (96-96), 0351's had two ways you could go (I was a 0351). You either got put in a weapons platoon or a weapons company. I did both, the 1st with 2/3 and 2nd with 3/3. A weapons platoon has a squad of 0331s (machine guns), one of 0341s (mortars), and one of 0351s (SMAW/dragon). When you go to the field or range you get attached to one of the 3 different 0311 platoons. You go where they go/do what they do. You do all the humps, field training, etc.

    If your part of a weapons co it's a little more lax. You'll be in a platoon of 0351/0352s and will ride in trucks more and hump less.

    Since TOWs are mounted on Hummers for the most part, 0352s ride around in them a lot and don't hump much. Easier than a 0351.

    For 0331s it's the same two scenarious as 0351, weapons platoon or company. You fire/carry the SAW, M-60, or 50-cal.

    I loved being a 0351, you got to shoot a lot of missiles and blow a lot of stuff up. You work with explosives a lot.

    I think you'll enjoy being a grunt. Your the heart and soul of the Corps, and now you can call everyone else a pogue. It will be a big change, the grunts ARE more hardcore, but rather than having a daily job you go to (like in supply), you basically get paid to work out and fire weapons. Good times...

    Best of luck and semper fi,

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