Question about rank structure
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    Question about rank structure

    Hey Everyone,
    Just a quick question. I have a command IST tomorrow morning and im studying my rank structure. For the life of me and I cant remember how to respond to the question, for example, what is an E-2 in the Marine Corps. Also, on the officer side of things, how do i say what a Colonel is? Do i say "Sir, an O-6 in the Marine Corps is a colonel. he wears.....what? a bird? Im just not sure. if anyone could break it down for me thatd be great. i tried typing into google a bunch of ways and couldnt find anything. Thanks in advance!

    -Poolee Denero

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    It is a simple search..."Marine Corps rank"...............

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    i know all of the ranks.. just didnt know how to reply when asked. for instance "sir, an e-3 in the Marine Corps is a Lance Corporal, he wears one strip up with crossed rifles in the center, sir!" but thanks anyways. i figured it out! Much appreciated

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    Edit because I hadn't noticed you said you figured it out. Best of luck at recruit training.

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