Learning boot camp knowledge
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    Learning boot camp knowledge

    Hey fellow poolees,

    I just recently got my ship date moved up and I didn't know any of the general orders, ranks, etc and my recruiter had me get an app for my phone to learn everything. Just thought I would let everyone know (not sure if most poolees recruiters mention this) and it really help, I've memorized everything in about a week by just studying the app whenever I have a free minute instead of just messing around on my phone.

    If you just search for "poolee knowledge" the app comes right up I think it's only 99 cents (this was for android, iphone probably has the same thing) :


    Anyways hopes this helps and it's sure easier than carrying around that blue book they give you when you dep in.

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    Searched it for the iPhone but was unable to find it unfortunately.

    Thank you for sharing, though!

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    I found it on my android. I appreciate you posting this as I have been looking for a good APP for a few months now. I was getting tired of carrying my knowledge binder around with me. Thanks for the post.

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    Or you can click on My Profile and Read My Blogs. They are posted for Poolees to read and learn and comment.

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