Camp Lejeune NC water contamination
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    Camp Lejeune NC water contamination

    I am looking for solid info on the goings on concerning the water contamination over the prior 50 some odd years. This also affects families who lived in various base houseing units aboard Camp Lejeune. I have tried to research on line to find any info I can, but get aggrevated because I'm not sure what to believe and various lawyers are circling like buzzards ,looking for the easy meal. I know Obama signed a bill into affect for treatment of only 15 forms of recognized cancers associated with this very serious water contamination issue. I am not looking for a free ride on anything but I do have a son born at this time and an ex-wife that may or may not have problems( thats another story). Any solid scuttlebutt is most appreciated. SEMPER FI Grizz

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    Here is everything on Leatherneck... facts,articles,opinions,etc.

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    Hi Griz...We have a Web Site (The Few The Proud The Forgotten). There are also several FaceBook Pages that address various aspects of the Water Contamination and the exposure to Toxic Materials. We also have a Video, "Semper Fi - Always Faithful that you can access via the FaceBook page. If I can be of further assistance, Fi

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    Do we need to get this into our VA record now. Like get with our service officer or do we have to have proof on our record we were there 30 days or is this a given if you come down with one of the conditions you will be covered. The article I read did not have any information on getting on the list or proving we were there. Does anyone have info on this or been through the process.

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