Boston Semper Fidelis Society USMC Birthday luncheon
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    Boston Semper Fidelis Society USMC Birthday luncheon

    Is anyone from here going? I know I am early, but I send our money for the tickets next month.

    Anyway, I reached out to Steve Reichert and he is going as my guest. He is a local Marine that is credited with one of the longest sniper kills in Iraq. Sure some of you guys know of him. He is going, and we have the local Chief of Police's father going who fought on Iwo. Plus another eight Jarheads from my area to fill out a table.

    The Commandant of the Marine Corps is the guest speaker again this year. Plus they will have ten or so MOH recipients there as usual.

    The date is November 9th
    Time is high noon.

    Anyone interested in going contact me and I can help you. It is all word of mouth. Typically there are 1,500 - 2,000 Marines there.

    Shameless plug for Steve:

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    Pictures and video to follow!


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    Me with:
    Marine, Navy Cross recipient, Senator, and Author -- Jim Webb:

    Marine and Medal of Honor recipient -- Colonel H.C. "Barney" Barnum:

    A oldie but goodie joke told by the Commandant of the Marine Corps:


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    Have fun Mike and Happy Birthday Brother !!!

    Semper Fi,

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