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    Prior Service Enlistment

    Just inquiring information on prior service re-enlistment if anyone knows. I've been out of the Marine Corps since 2004 and was wondering if there was still a chance for someone my age to be able to re-enlist into active duty. I've been reading that the M.C. stops recruiting prior service members on September 30th and start back again on January 1st also that if your constructed age is more than 35 you're not eligible for re-enlistment. I currently have a constructed age of 30 so if what I've read is still current then there could still be a possibility for me. If any body has any insights on this let me know.

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    Talking with my PSR due to cut backs he says they are not accepting any PSEP packages for Active Duty at this time. Could change, but right now he says they are not taking them. On top of that a PSR isn't the one that would do your paperwork to get back in Active. You would have to see a regular recruiter and I can tell you from experience they will either tell you to take a hike or blow you off.

    You could try the reserve side of the house. That is what I did and that is where you need to contact a PSR. I was off contract a lot longer than you and got back in on the reserve side. Wasn't full active like I wanted but at least I am part of the Corps again.

    Any questions let me know.

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    Thanks for your respond, I've actually tried both regular recruiter first, awhile back, and then the PSR and finally the PSR discouraged me into getting back in the Corps cause there are no reserve stations close by for my MOS and the only one there is around here is infantry. He said that they wouldn't even bother with me since they'd have to get me MOS qualified. I wouldn't mind going infantry, maybe if I call the reserve station then maybe they could be of help there, what do you think? I also hear that the National Guard doesn't hesitate taking back any prior service but I'll try the reserve side again see what they tell me again. Thanks again.

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    They should be able to retrain you if they are willing. I went to my unit as an 0311 but they didn't have any slots so I got retrained as an 0313. I don't know why they wouldn't bother with you. I would call the unit and talk to them and see if they would be willing to retrain. All situations are different of course, but I had no issues getting retrained. Sounds to me like he/she doesn't want to bother with the paperwork. I would keep pushing. Nothing says you can't call the unit and speak to someone there. You should at least get an interview with the unit and then they will decide from there whether they feel you are worth the investment.

    Or like you said you could go National Guard. I hear the same thing. I also hear getting into the regular Army is pretty easy for prior service Marines and they usually go in at the rank they left the Corps. That is what I hear. I have not personally met anyone that has done it, but I do have a few friends in the Army that tell me that because they tried to get me to cross over to the dark side. LOLOL

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    I was 35 when I wanted to go back in. I was prior 0331 E5 and the Reserve unit nearest was Motor T. They said they'd take me at prior rank, but I'd have to go AD for--I think it was 3 months--to get an MOS change. At the time the kids were small, the wife was working and I couldn't afford months away from home. So I ended up going Air National Guard. They had a number of billets that were OJT. It's a bit of culture shock to go from Marines to ANG...(you give them a regulation USMC salute and they faint from shock)...but they give out ribbons for crossing the street without getting hit by a truck and I was the only person in the entire squadron with a PH and CAR. In fact, one officer asked me what that ribbon was, lol, as he pointed to the Marine there are some advantages for a Marine crossing to the Dark Side. And the point is, once you're in, you have a better chance of going active.

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    I got out in 2006 and I am in the process of going back to Active Duty, the package is known as the PSEP, the order for Marine Corps Order for this is 1130.80A, your age computed age is fine so don't worry about that, and far as timeframe PSEP is are not processed in the first quarter of the fiscal year because Active Duty has first options for FTAP/STAP boatspace, but the order states exception to thi policy can be made for crtically short MOS, I wasn't able to get me package submitted sumbitted before the new fiscal year, the only jobs that were being offered for PSEP or 8412 (Recruiter), 0211, and MARSOC, I am in San Diego waiting on my package to get submitted to District, I believe that MOS I am going for 8412 fail under the critically short MOS, so I should be able to submit my package in the first quarter, it you don't want to wait until January the next quarter and interested in a critical short MOS my advise for you will be to call the RS Station in your area which is directly above the recruiting station and speak the Operations Section, and bring up the up MARINE CORPS ORDER 1130.80A, and regardless if you don't mind waiting I will call them and they will tell you to contact a local recruiter because if you just call the recruiter they will blow you off, and once the recruiter blows you off tell them you was told by operations to call them, also since you been out awhile like me you should become a recruiter to help you get promoted to SSGT faster, the psep package is not really that bad I am able to help, the majority of the paperwork you have to get yourself, I also attached the order for you can see for yourself what I am talking about, and another thing you do count as ascension credit which stated on the order

    Semper Fi,

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