Some questions about going into the Marines.
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    Some questions about going into the Marines.

    This is my second day here after registering. I am not sure if I chose the right choice for what "race" I am. I live in America, I am white. I read the rules and things and tried a search, but it didn't do a search. I hope that me saying that within this post is okay. When I bend my right ankle downwards it makes a "pop" or "crack" noise. When I am runnning it cracks. It's not too loud when I am running,but it can be a bit loud. It's not painful so there isn't any reason to see some kind of foot doctor anytime soon. I have a little reduced eyesight in my right eye only. I am hoping that I will be able to go into the Force Recon Marines .I am not in Marine boot camp yet. The eyesight requirement said: Must have vision correctable to 20/20 in both eyes.
    Color blindness is discouraged.
    What kind of vision correction is allowed ?
    I heard of glasses,but they can fall off easialy. Are contacts allowed for vision improvement in the Military ?

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    If you read the Rules of the Forum which you said you did then you need to fill out your profile some more.

    Thread closed until completed.
    Contact me or any Squad Leader to re-open the thread.

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    Profile complete.
    Thread re-opened.

    Thank you and Welcome to the Forum.

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    SPEEDY Please note

    your body color before you attain the Title of Marine is trivial.

    Marine Body Color is usually a (Shade of Green) when you earn the title.

    your race ? Marines Finish FIRST/LAST/ or someplace in the middle

    Be advised that none of us here are doctors .
    Most all of us who give you advise , ,
    have various parts of our bodies that sound like a bowl of rice crispies ,
    when we rise in the morning (OR popping corn in a microwave) ,
    take your choice.

    See a recruiter/ask a recruiter

    Because , I'd lie to you in a HeartBeat

    Good Luck

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    Go talk to a recruiter.

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    ok. Thank you sirs. My ankle cracks not real loud when running if I step a certain way. I know most of you probably wouldnt be like a doctor or anything, but I thought that I would just ask here since there are Marines here. I will talk to a recruiter sometime.

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