C&P after 15 years
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    C&P after 15 years

    I was put on TDRL in 1976 after 2 years in the Corps with Diabetes Type 1, rated at 40%, rated 40% by the VA in 77. The VA was my medical for 20 years, due to complications I was raised to 60% in 1997 and then lost my job due to the disease and was made 100% in Jan. 1998. The DAV handled all the paperwork with the VA. In Jan. 2012 received a letter from the VA saying they made make go for a reexamination, I waited 3 months did not hear anything, called DAV and was told by an SO "don't worry about it, those letters were sent out by mistake" I did not worry, went to my sisters, the VA scheduled an exam and I missed it. Called my DAV SO, was told to write a letter telling why I missed it, so I did. Called my DAV SO 2 weeks later and was told that there looking to lower me from 100% to 0%, told him I'm going to my congressmen, he told me once again not to worry he would handle it. I told him I would obtain my medical records from my private MD and bring them to him. A week later I dropped off the medical records and once again was told not to worry. I have called my DAV SO 10 times since then, 5 emails and 3 faxes and nothing. This week Aug 13th-18, I called the VA's 800 # and was told that I was in the prep of notification stage twice by 2 different VA persons. I checked Ebenefits Friday and see I'm scheduled for a new C&P exam in Sept. Since I have not had one in 15 years and ideas on what to expect ?

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    Expect the unexpected but I woudn't worry about it.

    The only thing is that you are rated at 60% plus you get another 40% for IU which gives you 100% Service Connected Disability.

    If you are not Rated at 100% Service Connected Perm and Total the Dept. of Veterans Affairs has the right to give you a C&P Exam every 2 years until you are.

    15 years ? someone dropped the ball. I hope you had the right contact info for them for all these years.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted.

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    In January 1998 I was bumped from 60% to 100%, but there was no mention of unemployability in the award letter. Every year the VA sent me a letter telling me what I was going to receive and every year they said I was 100%, when I asked my DAV rep in 1998 about why it was not permanent he told me you have the 100% leave it alone. He left in 99, the VA did not bother me till 2012, I had read the CFR rules in 1999 and thought with the diabetes they wouldn't bother me, the VA doctor who did the last exam in 1997 spent 20 minutes with me tops. No medical professional expects someone with diabetes for as long as I have it to start getting better, they knew the long term prognosis when they awarded me 40% 36 years ago. It was up to them to follow there own guidelines of every 2-5 years, but they didn't, now it seems there trying reduce me and expect me not to fight.

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    That, to me, sounds about typical. Bring all your paperwork to the C&P exam..everything. (Copies only of course). They don't have to take it, but it will look good (and be better for you) if you have it. That's everything, from the initial rating to the upgrade, to your current meds and care. Keep checking eben as well.

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