Army DEP Loss - US Marine hopeful
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    Army DEP Loss - US Marine hopeful

    It's always been my dream to become a Marine. I've bounced around the Navy and Army because me being a only child and living with just my mom, my mother did not want me joining the Marines, so I respected her decision (She had a Co-Worker's son pass)

    I took the ASVAB with the Navy and my physical with the Army because I just didn't know what I really wanted to do. My heart was always with the Marines.

    Strangely enough my mother came to me one day and told me "Matt, it's your life do what you want to do". Long story short, I contacted the commander of the Army and asked for my DEP Discharge and I got it.

    On monday I'm going to a recruiters office; I have all my ASVAB scores and physical papers with me and ready to become a Marine. I will do what ever it takes for them to take me and I will do whatever it takes for them to trust me, I won't back out because I won't. My life dream is to become a Marine, I don't care if I'm a cook or Infantry.

    Does anyone like my chances of joining? If not, best believe I'll try and prove anyone wrong. I won't stop until I reach my dream and that's becoming a US Marine.

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