Former terp trying get to the states
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    Former terp trying get to the states

    One of my good friends served with the 1/3 and 1/7 as a terp in Faluja and briefly with the 1/2MEU in Jordan. He's a Jordanian citizen and has a stack of outstanding recommendations from his command. Are there any pathways for him to get to the states? Ideally he would like to enlist, but can't do so without a green card.

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    Buy him a trip ticket to Mexico,

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    Quote Originally Posted by m14ed View Post
    Buy him a trip ticket to Mexico,
    That is funny, very funny and right in the ten ring.

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    *( and a CD to learn Spanish )

    Brush him up on land navigation,

    Map and Compass ,

    and away he goes !

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    Tell him when he gets here, our Government will use our money to furnish him with housing, food, and health care. No probblento.

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    I'd advise Him 2 stay Tha F**k outta ARIZONA

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    You and Billy, always did have a nice way with words !!!

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    Billy your out of Uniform Cpl. of Marines,You also rate The PUC,NUC,MUC...Dam gonna need too borrow Sgt.Lep's Cherry Picker to Hold your Ass upright so You ain't leaning to Far to The Left...Like Ole Gunny S/F Carry on

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