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    I'd vote for Fist for sure!

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    I guess what really Twisted My Tail the most about these Two Mutha F**Ker's was tha Day,A wheel Chaired bound Veteran He was residing in a Half Way House...Asked for a Bus Ticket,Now the Govt,get's them and gives them to the Vet Center for Free;but Howard looks at Jimmy and Says yeah I'll give You one for 75 Cent's!So Jimmy in the WheelChair gives Him a Buck and Howard goes He ain't got no Change.So Jimmy goes F**K it and off He goes in the Snow & Ice to The Bus Stop.This Mutha F**ker was pulling this Chit on alot of Vet's...That's the Day I went and Put a Screw Driver through the Side Wall of that New Mercedes Tire...Sat in my 4X4 watching that Piece of Chit trying too Keep his Hands warm on that Lug Wrench changing His tire and Putting that Doughnut on!!!That was just the Start of some Surprizes I had in store for that Sorry Piece of Chit!!!

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    Protect Thy Self...Brother...

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    Statue of Limitations has already run out My Brother Doc...Plus when the Fed's busted the Punk...They did Us Vet's all a Big Favor,as The FBI and Postal Inspector told Me,Sir we are Surprised as Long as He's been getting away with this Low Down Chit...Wonder that He made it out ALIVE.He was Busted IN 1999,Funny in a Way;'cause when that Prince song came on the "Stereo Party like it's 1999"He would Crank it Way Up!!!Now they Cranked Him way up to North Chicago Thanx for the Concern though Doc appreciate it but A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do...Semper Fi Go Easy Doc and have a Peaceful and Nice Day You owe it to Yourself Doc

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    Now we know why you "lit out" for the territories! On the lam from the gov. agents! The west has always been a haven for the disenchanted and persecuted, (except Califormexico, land of fruit and nuts).

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    Your a Good Man D.W...I see that You took your training at P.I.very Seriously 'cause they surely made a Man outta Yah...It's a Pleasure to call You a Friend and Truly Mean it.Semper Fidelis

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