VA being investigated
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    VA being investigated

    The Department of Veterans Affairs spent $5 million—and set aside $4 million more — last year for two training conferences, and now the organizers of them are under investigation over whether they broke ethics rules by improperly accepting gifts, lawmakers and government sources said.The agency’s inspector general is investigating whether event planners and other organizers of the training for human resources employees took alcohol, concert tickets and spa treatments from vendors. Also under scrutiny are tens of thousands of dollars in promotional items the conference organizers gave attendees, government sources said.

    WAITING FOR HELP. Maybe the guy running the GSA is
    also running the VA?

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    i don't know did they just get gifts from the vendors? if so i don't see how that could have been spent in va,, whether that is right or wrong i am not sure, i know someones head should roll for the GSA BS

    The Proud, The Few, The Constitutional Marine

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    They spent VA money on the conferences, accepted gifts in excess of gov. limits on freebies to gov. employees and acted like a bunch of drunken beauracrats; I won't say drunken sailors because at least drunken sailors are spending their own money, not the taxpayers!

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    Had a Crew at a Former Vet center I attended for Groups,that were ripping off Who Ev was funding tha Place for years.Trips too D.C staying at Key Bridge Marriott at least 5 x's a Year,ordering all kinds of Food too the Vet Center saying it was for Us till I rolled up early one day tru the Back Way and saw them loading all the Good Chit in the Trunk of their Car's.I did not Snitch on them,they got Busted by an Undercover Fed acting tha Part of a Nam Vet that had PTSD...but I did make their Lives Misearble for a While putting a Hole in tha side of Their Mercedes Tires during tha Winter

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    I think we need to put FistFu in as head of the GSA! No more of this pussy-footing around!

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    fist aint got no time to run the GSA. I think he's to busy sniffing poon tang and sipping his burbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootlace15 View Post
    fist aint got no time to run the GSA. I think he's to busy sniffing poon tang and sipping his burbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Soooo...what's the difference between what he's doing now and being in charge of a gov. agency, except he gets to keep doing it and gets overpaid as well!

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    he'd be to tongue tied to talk.

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    Charlie Dont Surf

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootlace15 View Post
    he'd be to tongue tied to talk.
    You make that sound like a BAD thing!

    Most politicians and beauracrats would do a lot better if they kept their mouths shut (or at least didn't talk so much)! I still vote for Fist!

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    Now don't get Your Hopes up too High there D.W,cause someone down Here had the Nerve too Put a Bunch of Laxative in tha THE Coffee Pot that these Weasles were drinking out of and selling T-Shirts at tha Phoenix VA,****ed Me off that tha Wannabees wanted too Exploite Us like that,25 bucks a Shirt!!!...Heard that The Guy and His Witch left tha Table for a very long time cause they had the Chits so Bad and Someone was giving all the T-Shirts away Free.Who would do such a RECONIC Move such as this

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    You just bragging now!

    What, you wanting the job as head of DHS too?

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    Hope there wasn't any Battery Life or Camera angel on Surrvelliance was Off Hate to hear of a Brother Veteran getting put in a Rubber Room for about 90 days

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    I Vote for FistFu also.People in VA's are not allowed to Accept Gifts.The Truth is that People that Run-Purchasing,some are above the Law.I had A superviser that accepted a Computer Station,and was Fired for it.Meanwhile the GS-16 Guy that ran it,thought he was a God on Earth,and accepted Everything.He's Retired Now,Living the Good Life.There are Criminals in Government,Only those in high places get away with it.I'd love to be an Undercover Agent,to get these Thieves.Put Them in Chains and Feed Them Bread and Water,and Feces for Desert......It's All a Racket.Those that Do Well and Put Their Heart into Doing the Right Thing,are REplaced Soon....Word UP.........Being Scum is Contagious in GOV Work....Sorry.

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    Yo Howard remember Me? Heard the Fed's moved your Sorry Ass to North Chicago,and that Shiny Black Mercedes has been replaced by Chicago Metro!See You greedy Backstabbing F**K You F**k a Vet and See what You get? But guess what You Miserable piece of Chit,Those new Cement Shoes that are being made for Yah will fit just Right when your walking on tha bottom of Lake Mich,could not think of a better Punk than You too get a Pair

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