Single occ field contract or program code contract?
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    Single occ field contract or program code contract?

    Hello Marines,

    Recently a Marine told me that all contracts issued now are Program Code contracts, Is this true? On my first post, however a Marine told me about single occ. field contracts. The CE contract not only encompasses 18xx but also 08xx and 72xx. My desired MOS is 1812, so I'd love to sign under a single 18xx field contract. Is this just something each individual has to work out with their recruiter? Thanks in advance Marines, all answers appreciated.


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    CE is combat support I assume, which 18xx,08xx, and 72xx fall under. Unless things have changed recently you will get contracted to an MOS field(18xx,08xx,72xx) not to a program code(CE).

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    Yes, combat support. I want to try to avoid that CE contract and go for the single, but hey we'll see. Thank you LCpl Warhol for answering on this post and my first post, Appreciate it very much.

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