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    Open Contract Question

    I am currently set to ship out on September 24th, and still have not signed for my MOS yet. I just recently had a new recruiter take over, and he is saying my four job choices are all unavailable. I scored a 76 on the ASVAB, and my composite scores were high enough to do anything in the marine corp. Fire Direction Control is my real desire, so my recruiter and his boss are now telling me that I need to sign open contract, because of my scores being what they are, once others fail out i will be able to "choose" any job I want at MCT.. I like to have written guarantees on everything I do, and don't want to do anything outside of my job choices. Any reccomendations on what path might be wise? I know they can place me wherever the heck they want on Open Contract, has this actually worked out as they say it should?
    Thank you for your help!

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    Has it actually worked out? you ask? In a word NO, Having said that wait if you can to Ship out after Oct 1 . thats when the New fiscal year starts and your MOS choices may, I repeat may open up.

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    In the 60s when I joined...everyone was open contract. There were a few Aviation guarantees but it really didn't mean much. These days, I don't think I would sign an open contract due to the lines of people signing up and you might end up with one of the less desirable cook.

    Wait for your desired MOS to open and then sign the contract.

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