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    Being a recruiter for the Marines right now I can tell you that the recruiter for your school would be more than happy to sit and talk to you and your mom. The best advice to give you is to stick to your guns but be open with mom. Keep her informed and always state, "I want to be a Marine" and show her why. Go to If you use words like "I think" or "Maybe" then that is going to put doubt in her mind. Make her realize you are serious and you want her to be involved in your life choices.

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    I took the advice of talking to a recruiter, but I already taked to one by myself and one with her from the Marines. It really did help but she still likes the Air force. So we talked it out and if we talk to an Air force recuiter she will sign what ever I want. This way I can get into the DEP 4 months faster then on my own and get a better shot at the MOS I am hoping to get in. Eather way I get were I need to go, thanks for the help.

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    I am in Afghanistan now and two people that I knew (not close of course) were killed by a suicide bomber last week. My Command Sergeant Major and an AF Major. Yes, the Air Force (depending on MOS) does not go outside the wire as much as the ground troops do. But in these conflicts, the AF is doing alot of ground missions and covering down on many missions normally done by the Army and Marine Corps. Nevertheless, they are sacrificing their own in these wars.

    RIP Sir.

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