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    Volunteer to deploy?

    I was injured less than 2yrs into my 6/2 reserve contract. Its taken 2 surgeries and 2 more years of therapy and time in the gym but Im finally ready (and released) to start drilling again. Unfortunately, I missed my unit's last deployment and unless all hell breaks loose, my contract will end before the next one...

    That said, I would like at least one under my belt before I get out. I'm 0311 btw. Can I volunteer to deploy with other reserve or active units and if so, who do I speak to and is it possible to find out which deployments are coming up (sand box vs. MEUs)


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    Vince, ask your Command Brother.
    Great to hear your all healed.

    Good luck.

    Semper Fi,

    Semper Fidelis,

    All Marine, All The Time......

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    Yes you can deploy with another unit as a hot fill. But use your chain of command and your I&I staff, it is what they are there for. Your Ops Cheif should have a up to date list of deployments coming up, if not he/you can get in touch with MARFORRES and go from there.

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