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    MEPS Scars

    Marines, I'm scheduled to go to MEPS on Monday and Tuesday. I'm worried about two scars I have, one on my collar bone and one on the back of my thigh about four inches up from my knee. The collar bone scar is 1" long and 1/2" wide. I got it when I was 7, fighting my friend with wooden swords. This was not so much of a cut or gash as it was a carving out of skin so stitches would not have helped the wound. When I was 11, I slipped on a rock and gave myself a nice gash on my thigh, but it wasn't wide enough to require stitches. It was healing well a few days later when I slid during a baseball game and separated it further. I was then a lot more careful and had no more problems but it's about 2" long and 1/2" wide. The problem is they look a lot like surgical incisions, and I'm afraid the doctors will think I'm lying if the asked what happened, and I really do not want to be DQ'd.

    If anyone has any insight on this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

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    Just tell them exactly what the scars are from and when you got them if they ask. If they don't ask then just don't say anything about them. You should be alright with them, I have multiple scars and they didn't even ask how I got them as far as I could remember they just wanted me to write them down for identification purposes.

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    Alright, thanks a lot for the good info. I'll be sure to do that.

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