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    Waiver Denied

    I was recently denied a waiver due to an astigmatism, however this is correctable through surgery. I wanted to know if i would be able to qualify if i got the surgery on my own, and how long i would have to wait before i could go back to meps to retest?

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    The best person to ask would likely be the recruiter who sent you to MEPS. Although he or she might not know immediately, they should be able to contact the MEPS liason and get through to BUMED to find out if you can enlist after that kind of corrective surgery.

    Either way, it would seem you'll need a waiver approved. Either they waiver the astigmatism, or they waiver the surgery. You can't go back to MEPS at this point and act like it's a fresh visit and you've never been there before.

    Good luck.

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