National Purple Heart Day.
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    National Purple Heart Day.

    Today is National Purple Heart day.

    If you have shed blood for our nation, Sound Off!

    Cpl. Douglas G. Kirk WIA 21 June 68

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    Cpl. Billy C. WIA Dec. 68 / May 69.

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    Cpl Russ A. Never received a Heart (always lucky that way) but I sure made a bunch of those NVA Regulars shed a lot of blood for our nation. Just saying.

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    It's been a while so I'll chime in....WIA 9/11/66 @ event I'll never forget.
    I wasn't aware a PH day existed.

    Carry on...

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    Received mine October 4, 1967. Was with Fox 2/9.

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    That makes us all blood brothers. Marines first Brothers in blood second.

    Semper Fi and God Bless each of you.

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    Too My Brother Marines that paid with their Lives Rest In Peace Semper Fidelis

    Kinda of Saddens Me now I'm thinking of all My Brother Marines that got the Purple Heart and put in a Poncho,KIA,while with India Co.3rd.Bn.26th.Marines.As for myself WIA '68,In a ChitHole called RVN.Semper Fidelis

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