What happens if i cant pass the ist before my shipdate?
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    What happens if i cant pass the ist before my shipdate?

    i really need to know if ill be let go of!

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    How long have you been in the DEP and what is your current IST?

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    you have to join the peace corps and the govt. takes your first born from you....

    seriously though, how about you just pass it and not have to worry about it. Are recruiters really DEPing in people that can't pass an IST?!?

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    i leave august 27 and its just my run thats killing me! im getting at least 12:30 but the thing is i saw on the marines website that passing is 13:30 but i cant ship till i get under 12

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    There's exactly one way to get better at running. Run.

    A mile and a half is really a pretty short run. If you don't have the aerobic capacity to do well in that distance you need to start amping up your mileage. I don't know what you're running now, but take your normal run and add 10-15% to it every week. Once a week spend time doing speed work or hills to increase power. Run sprints up a hill or go to a track and do 400 repeats.

    Good luck.

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    Unless your RSS is really adamant about shipping people sub-12, you should be able to go. I went with about a 12:30 run time, and I run my PFT in about 21:00 now.

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