Didn't qualify for METOC/MAGTF, should I go Open Contract?
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    Didn't qualify for METOC/MAGTF, should I go Open Contract?

    Today, I was about to sign some paperwork so I can get an MOS in the METOC/MAGTF field until I read that my immediate family all have to be U.S. citizens. My parents and my older sister immigrated to the U.S. a year before I was born and they're all still residential Aliens and haven't got their citizenship. My dad has a lot of criminal history so he can't really get a U.S. citizenship anyways. So the METOC/MAGTF option is out for me.

    I scored pretty low on my ASVAB, (59). I didn't really qualify for the MOS's I wanted before I took the ASVAB. I qualified for the majority of the MOS's the list my recruiter gave me but there were only 3 available MOS's I had to choose from. (METOC/MAGTF, Logistics, and Open Contract)

    I leave to Boot Camp in 7 days.

    I was wondering if it would be better to go Open Contract since I didn't qualify for METOC/MAGTF?

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    I wouldn't suggest taking an open contract if you have other options available for MOS selection. But with only 7 day left you are kinda SOL

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    I'm not going to advise you on what to do here, but I can tell you some of the MOS's you're likely to get with an open contract. I went to bootcamp last December, and several in my platoon were open contract guys. We had some admin, some bulk fuel specialists, one cook, and one guy ended up with an arty contract.

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